First fully produced, official album by Canadian band The Tea Party. Released in 1993 under record label EMI. The first edition of the album included a ticket that would act as a pass to any Tea Party headlining concert. Subsequent editions changed the cover art only slightly, and had the album remastered at a different studio. The remastered editions sound near sonicly identical to the first edition, though completists will want to find the first edition for reasons beyond sound.

The album name gains inspiration from the book of the same name, a manuscript on late sixteenth-century alchemy (see below). The album's content varies in focus from theology and politics, to drugs and paganism. The cover art itself consists of the solis tree being circled by ravens, and leaning towards a sea of the elements: fire, water, earth and sky. The sun acts as the major backdrop, as the title itself translates into "The Splendor of the Sun"

Track Listing:

A sixteenth century text concerning alchemy. The manuscript was beautifully illuminated, and incorporated 22 detailed images, set in ornamental borders and niches. The illustrations were symbolic in nature and showed such themes as alchemical death and rebirth, and the planets. The Splendor Solis is associated with Salomon Trismosin, though it is not known for fact or not if he was the actual author.

The best known copy of the manuscript is kept in the British Library, and dated 1582. The oldest known copy resides in the Prussian State Museum in Berlin and is dated 1532. Museums in Kassel, Paris and Nuremberg also house copies.

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