No Politics... Just Rock and Roll

The Tea party is a Canadian band -- it's a little hard to describe what kind of band; their music has been characterized as blues, progressive rock, Eastern fusion, and Moroccan roll. They are resonabally popular in Canada, having topped the Canadian charts with their song Heaven Coming Down in 1999, and have sold 1.6 million records worldwide.

But that's not so important right now. Unless you are Canadian, of course.

If you are American, you are probably more interested in, or at least amused by, the fact that members of the American Tea Party Movement have reportedly offered $X,000,000 for the domain name. This is per the band's own report, and they did not report a specific amount or the name of the person or persons willing to pay this much.

The site has been up for sale, in theory, for a while now. The band implied that they had actually contacted Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to see if they were interested in it (this tells you something about the band's political leanings; bassist Stuart Chatwood got some press with his off-the-cuff comment that he's very happy with his Canadian socialized medical care). Other penny-ante buyers have since expressed interest, but the band weren't ready to give up the site. This summer they contacted Sedo, a company that sells domain names to the highest bidder. Sido has predicted that the site might be worth about US$1,000,000. It is unclear if the aforementioned large offer was in Canadian or real American Dollars, but in either case, the offer was made in the summer of 2011, and the band still has not made the decision to sell.

At this point is primarily an interesting news story used to fill up slow news days. The band is making the most of it, as evidenced by its header (seen at the top of this node) and the line at the bottom of the frontpage: "The Band has not sold"

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