I will never admit
that I did not expect 
things to work out this way.



This time is different,
my heart, beating faster,
my words, coming slower
falling again

Helping you choose clothing

for tomorrow, seeing confusion,

offering breakfast,

childlike, off to see trains.


A promise
to not be afraid
when you're the only one
that I have left


There were 13 minutes of belief
47 minutes of salvation
and everything else was uncertain


I am not normal and
I hope you will accept me.

It's the only way.


(A friend)
"I guess we need to be kind
to people who aren't hurting us"

Part 1: The Righteous
With loving hands and hearts we fashion
these tools
to drive out the invading menace.

Part 2: The Foreigner
I just hope I'll be fit
for an open casket.
The uncertainty will kill Mom.

Part 3: The Bystanders
When will it end?
They've already taken my eldest,
will they take my others, too?

Love isn't blind
but nearly
it awaits
more extreme illumination:
an arclight or

Use me as your punching bag, anytime.
Just don't forget the reasons I let you.

He taught me to live without fear
but not how to live without his love

"You can have the last piece of pizza, I mean, if you really want it."

I can't sleep at night, I lie awake wondering if you could ever forgive me.

I never knew what it was

until I met you

I still don't quite know...

I don't know why otherwise critical adults reify an adolescent concept of thoughtless emotional bliss.

Love is the only thing we never get enough of and never give enough of.

(Henry Miller)

I lost something once.
I hope to find it again.
It's time to start looking.

I love you.
My fear.
That you
love them.
So I hate.
My dear

I'll continue to cuddle you after you fart no matter how bad it smells. (Probably.)

No intentaré comunicar 
lo que es el amor
usando solamente
quince palabras bonitas y sencillas.

    I will not try to convey
    what love is
    using only
    fifteen simple, pretty words.

El problema no son las palabras
El problema está en
un corazón que no escucha

    The problem lies not in words
    The problem is
    A heart that does not listen

when he
threatens to destroy you
but not to your face
forget love. choose fear.

Shaped the same
in a moment, an hour,
a year, a lifetime.
Love is fractal.

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