Ok, this should be include in the Clues for Newbies and the FAQ, along with Don't Namespace Your Lyrics and Cut and Paste Write-Ups Will Die

Don't Node Drunk. The reason being that inebriation precludes any serious sort of cerebration, and Everything2 is intended to last a long, long time.

What you should do, in fact, is Node for the ages. Take into account standard English rules of grammar and punctuation, as well as typical American rules of decency and whatnot.

I would expound on this subject further if I were not completely wine-drunk on the barbarically cheap Ecco Domani (wine-drunk is good drunk, irregardless). Maybe tommorrow I'll have time to fix the typo's and fallacies.

Until then, trust me Don't Node Drunk.

Chihuahua Grub: No, man. I love you, man. I mean, you're liek beuatiful.


Don't Take it personal. It's all good. I mean we got, like, Everything!.

Anyway, what's this thing with levels and all this. I mean like, Acolyte, like Seer, and shit. Get real. What I'm talking about is like: who's the fucking Jester? Know what I mean?.

Anyway, like still, it's just not cool cool to Node while Drunk, even though I do it, umm, consistently.

But you know, coolness is just another name for fascism, if you ask me. And man, you do.

Hey, buddy... Don't tell me you're the boss of me?> I'll nod e howefver I want to node! I'm tired of alls you people telling me what do to like your the bossz of me or sumthin.

AND LET ME TELL YOU ANOTHER THING! I love you man i reallty do, but that haricut has got tto go it makes you look like a BIRD or somethin!

Geeze, look at you on your high horse just becasue you can quote Tom Waits on a whim and you're all steeped in Everything Culture. So what? what does it all amount to, huh? wehn all is said and dun, where does the day take you? huh? HUH? Where's the bathroom? DONDE ESTA LE BANOS? HUH?

But I'm not drink. Er. I'm not drunk. Maybve a few more soy shots and i'll bet here, but not yet. I'm jsut... pleasantly buzzed... Yeah WOAH! CHECK OUT THE ASS ON THAT ONE! hehehehe...

salright. I get the hint. I know when I'm a seventh wheel........ I'll just go home! alone! like you care! BYE!

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