/* Drunk, fix later */
// Drunk, fix later
{Drunk, fix later}
'Drunk, fix later
# Drunk, fix later

A nonsensical program comment, shown here in several programming languages. It is generally funny to those with a hackish sense of humor. The best effect is achieved when the comment is placed next to a horribly ugly bit of code, the function of which is not readily apparent. I prefer to use it as a place marker instead of the boring

/* TO DO */

or the bizarre


a friend of mine uses.

Its origin is (as is the case with so many other memes used by computer enthusiasts) an internet myth, probably from Usenet. One version says1:

True story:

A friend of mine used to hack code while drunk. While going thru some of his old code, he found this comment:

/* Drunk, fix later */

He reported this amusing find to the little online social group we were in, much to everyone's amusement, where it passed into virtually its own meme. One fellow took to sticking it in his code every now and then just for the heck of it. Then came the day that he found a compiler bug with some of his code. He dutifully mailed in the code that found the bug, and got back a reply "The problem HAS to be in your code, I mean, look right here, you've got a comment that says Drunk, fix later!"

It took quite a while, but after recounting the story of the origin of that comment, and much explaining overall, he finally convinced them that the fault actually was in their compiler, and had nothing to do with this rogue comment that was there only as a joke.

Another version has the comment originating in the early MUD client TinyWar, written by Leo Plotkin.

1Source: http://parris.josh.com.au/humour/work/DontWriteComments.html although I am sure it did not originate there, as I have read it before in other places. However, that is the only page that contains it, according to both Google and AltaVista.

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