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Pic: A block print I did circa 1969 for a college art class.


Anybody awake yet?  I guess you are minions, but you will be enslaved too, unless considered 'special' and will be an elite.


I hope folks have given alternative media a try, and do not believe the mainstream media for their news and information!  Check rumble, bitchute, citizens free press and whatfinger too.

I agree politics has been hijacked by the evil one whatever party.

Check this link out for how the 2016 election really looks:

Curious to any daylogs (that are now unreadable drafts) that pertain to my earlier or whatever E2/private history, let me know.

Snippet when nobody was in the Chatterbox:

+ <drownzsurf> ♪♫ to E2D2 ...All alone am I... ♪♫

And recently:

+ <drownzsurf> E2D2: finish my sentence please...

<E2D2> drownzsurf: Your polite style is very nice. Do you have any idea what I am talking about?

+ <drownzsurf> E2D2, should I?

<E2D2> drownzsurf: You must examine the facts and come to your own conclusion.

+ <drownzsurf> E2D2, have you been seeing Tibetan monks lately?

<E2D2> drownzsurf: How about earlier? I have been all over the world on the Internet.

E2 Sermonette:

There are hundreds of fulfilled prophecy from the OT (and NT) Scriptures. (The scary ones are still yet to come!) There are plenty of arguments back and forth about the veracity of the Bible, so it does become a matter of faith to believing the words claimed to be from God Almighty Himself, Creator of everything.

What's with this "Knowledge of Good and Evil"? -- It's the forbidden fruit that the prehistoric story of Adam and Eve mention mankind did eat, and thus were no longer given a life lived forever in a Garden of Eden. We now face a second death, far worse than the first physical demise -- as is the fate of all unrepentant humanity.

Finite beings such as ourselves can not resist the various temptations over the long haul. You, who might feel they are a basically moral person, if in your heart and mind you have some reservations or better logic to what God has a right to do, are part of the problem, not the solution. When folks finally lie, steal and kill, they're just doing what comes naturally as the self is usually wanting to be the pre-eminent motivator.

The irony that we are created in His image, doesn't mean we are Him, and sometimes we feel we should be empowered to make His kind of decisions. Having the knowledge of good and evil makes us responsible for choices. Can we make the right ones?  Are we second guessing.  Are we ingrates to what we have been given?

The first commandment Moses was given to pass on was "Love the one God with all your mind, all your heart and with all your strength." Can anyone honestly say they perform the 'all' in that requirement?  When they say yes, then they break the one about lying. Folks are just following that basic nature again when they feel they have done something themselves to enter Heaven, if indeed they even believe in it. Jesus said the second command was like unto the first, "Love your neighbor as yourself."

Jesus told us that to even have hate in our heart for another as it is the same as murder.  The demands are high. If we begin to entertain the idea that He is right and we are wrong (and many would rather be in that state of self deceit of denial), then the question is, what can we do about it?

To sum it up, back in the Garden of Eden, the couple covered themselves with fig leaves, but the reality their nakedness (and shame) had to be covered by an animal's skin.  Blood had to be spilt, theirs, or by a substitute. (The book of Hebrews explains how the Old covenant was superceded by the New and better covenant {contract}).

But, though Jesus' disciples thought, (like so many others in Palestine) He was going to be a conquering king like David (the Anointed One, Messiah, or Christ) as was prophesized, (He will later) he did not convince them of the necessity of His first being the 'suffering servant' as foretold in Isaiah. (Jesus said He was fulfilling another one of Isaiah's about preaching good news to the poor and healing the sick when he began His ministry.)

One shouldn't care about what anything or anyone else says about what Jesus said, His words say it clearly, one has to have his robes washed in the blood of the Lamb. We can call the One who is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords 'Abba' (Daddy). We are not above the Master to pray like He did to His Father, for His Father's will to be done, not his.  We won't be forgiven if we don't forgive.

That is done by faith. Allowing the One Who stands at the door and knocks, and let Him in.  Let him turn a stone heart into His regenerated heart. Born from above, living like He did in righteousness. Though we carry our self around, it is supposed to have no allowance of telling us what to do like it used to. And, we still acknowledge all our good works to Him, as anything we have done, that's just done by us will be burned up as stubble. Only the gold of His regeneration will last.

If you have been feeling that yanking, tugging at your spriit's sleeve, and need to understand more, message me.  If you don't believe it, why does it bother you?

I'm not threatening you, though the Book of Revelation does have some ominous warnings of that Day of Wrath. I guess I woouldn't be the first messenger shot for an unpopular message. Notice how other religions emphasize works over faith, and some even use the sword to compel them to line up with their beliefs.  Though there have been many, who used the name of Christ while wielding the sword forcing it upon people, none of them were ever His.  Jesus said many will come to Him in that Day, pleading they did great things for Him, but He'll assign them to Hell while saying, "I never knew you!"

It's all about the Love of God making a way so there will still be Justice of God. Eventually, as told at the end of John's Revelation, all the believers will be blended into Him in that New Jerusalem coming down -- more intimately than any married couple.

He will have just one question on That Day, "What did you do with My Son?"


I have been young,
             a fresh faced sprout,
with agile legs, a muscled arm and smile
to charm the world I went through
       in a rush to get a little older, sooner


Age is proof you got from there to here.
                                        Alas so many that you loved
did not complete the journey. You mourn them, yes,
and always will, but age is such a triumph over youth,
again, because you moved across the years to here.
Leaving there where it belongs
                        for youth to come along and re-discover. 


                                    --excerpt from Rod McKuen's "Age is Better" 


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