Death to those who stand in the face of automatic writing.
It is those who do not know that it is those who do not know.
How sad, I died before they could film the scene where I die,
So I was digitally inserted into the scene,
But they put my head on weird,
So you could tell in the final footage,
Quite macabre since in real life I was decapitated.
Yes, I'm home alone,
Just like that kid who was on
So Graham Norton
The other day.
Too many of us spend too much time in front of
The idiot box,
And I don't mean your sister.
Perhaps that was statement carried far too much
And I apologize for said statement.

Redundancy abounded in that last sentence.
Such a sentence deserves a strong sentence,
A sentence sentence.
I sentence that sentence to a long sentence.
If sentences were people,
And they were given a sentence,
I bet they would house them in some kind of sentence structure.
But alas,
Sentences are not sentient,
And therefore cannot be sentenced.

!Syntax Error!

Such a minor scale
At least going up,
Going down it's different,
Because going down is too major,
But going up is minor,
Perhaps because what goes up must come down.
Well, we all must come on down if


I think she would be either
Repulsed by this,
But all the same I would I could have met her.
If I went to her house and she gave me a beer,
I would then have a
Stein stein,
Or perhaps if she died a martyr,
and we celebrated communion in HER memory,
it might be a stein of Stein,
But here we are back at
The macabre.
I wonder what makes me think of such things.

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