I hardly noticed at first. It crept up on me as I waited in the summer sunlight, face tilted up to the warmth, drinking in all the feelings. Smelling the wind, tasting me on the breeze, you wetted your lips and crept closer until we were touching. We watched the leaves fall off the trees together. But I hardly noticed at first.

Today I woke and gazed into the mirror. My heart felt like a soft, damaged place in my chest, like a bruised peach. I gingerly patted my fingers around the area hoping I wouldn’t break the skin.

The first night we went out we stood on my front porch, arms casually slung around each other’s waists. You pulled me closer to whisper something in my ear and tugged on it with your teeth as I pulled away to laugh. Through the screen door I promised I would let you come see me the next day.

Two weeks later you took me to an Italian restaurant. The mood was just right, as we sat down in a poorly lit booth. You were really nice to that red headed waitress with green eyes. I asked you if you knew her and you just laughed, leaning close to me like you were going to tell me a secret, but you nibbled on the nape of my neck instead.

I don’t remember when, but we were on a picnic. You were distracted by the girls swimming across the docks from us. I asked if you were listening to me and you pulled me down on the blanket with you. We made out for an hour and you pushed down the sleeve of my t-shirt. You looked at my shoulder for a minute and gnawed on it before moving on.

You were always good at sex. I was so in love with you and when you’d look into my eyes and tell me how only I could make you feel like this, I melted in your arms. Our first night together you accidentally left a bite mark on the edge of my left breast. It was that good.

I know I’m suspicious by nature, but I had to know. Were you seeing someone else? You smiled at me and asked how I could think such a thing. I breathed a sigh of relief. We made out again, like we use to when we first started going out. Your hand got tangled in my hair and you kissed my neck in the perfect spot. But darling, when I saw her pumps peeking out from under the bed, you bit down too hard that time. You hardly noticed it, you just kept kissing me and smiling to yourself.

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