From the Home and Leisure Accidents Surveillance System report, published by the Department of Trade and Industry.
In 1999, in the UK:

For comparison and perspective, in the same year:

These statistics disturb me. I can see the tabloid headlines now: 'Tragic Tot in Tea Cosy Terror!' 'Girl kills self with Loofah'.

Printed publications, I suppose, I can see being quite dangerous. Some of them come in hardback form and are rather heavy, while my fellow office temps will know the pain of a vicious papercut. Birdbaths, I will grant: some of them are made of concrete, and can be dropped on toes. A heavy armchair, too, can hurt a defenceless toe. But tea cosies? Sponges? They're soft, light and squidgy, for crying out loud! You could beat yourself over the head with them for hours, and just get a tired arm.

When I was a wee lass, we played with matches and were grateful.

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