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I'm still here, but only dropping in for flying visits at the moment. Trying to sort out a) postgraduate student life b) moving house and c) getting a better job, while trying to maintain d) sanity e) friendships and f) a not-exactly-relationship that makes me very happy. Still checking my messages from time to time and lurking in outies, e2lefties, circusfreaks and britnoders. If you need to get hold of me, is the way to go, or see what I'm doing/drinking/ranting about at

Many, many congratulations to wertperch and grundoon. Aw. *Sniffles a bit* And super-double congratulations to grundoon for being done with cancer treatment, and also to wertperch for being, I'm sure, a great husband throughout.

Circus-type person? Juggler? Acrobat? Clown? Pyrotechnician? Other? May I recommend circusfreaks? (Personally, I'm very, very slowly learning juggling, contact juggling, poi, devil sticks and contortion.) I appear to be running it.

I don't covenant much at all, solemnly or otherwise. Still, what with noding my revision - it's like node your homework, only much more frantic - expect a bunch of factual stuff on modern British history and political philosophy. Chartism is currently in my firing line.

There were nodermeets. There are pictures. so save me's are at, and mine will appear when I develop the film and scan them. Don't hold your breath.

Noders I've met in real life: Albert Herring, AnBolb, Andrew Aguecheek, a scar faery, BaronWR, Basement_Johnny, Carpathia, Gritchka, HamsterMan, Helen4Morrissey, LSK, NightWriter, nine9, purple_curtain, shimmer, smirnoff_waste, so save me, StrawberryFrog, stupot, telute, Teiresias, Tiefling, wertperch, whimsy, Wntrmute. Me being useless I'm bound to have forgotten somebody; /msg me with your fury! I forgot HamsterMan. Bad me. He was very nice about it though. And then it occurred to me that I'd been going to uni with NightWriter for two years and I'd forgotten him, too...

I bring you... Midnight Special, Lady_Day's mix tape of jazz, blues, rock and roll, rhythm and blues and beautiful things like that.

If you would like a copy, /msg me and I will (eventually) provide you with one. It's as simple as that. As I have never figured out how my crystal ball works, you will need to tell me your address; I promise not to sell it to any evil mass-marketing list thingies. I won't stalk you, either. Of course, if you can manage to be at the same meet as me, I will not only save on postage but also get to see your pretty face, and wouldn't that be fun?

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People who've asked for one so far (if the name is struck out, I've sent it):

Strange Little Personal-Ad-Style Bit? A/S/L?

I'm live and I'm a lesbian, but I am not currently nude. I'm 21 and from Birmingham, England. I like cats, snakes, parrots and dangerous plants. And because RalphyK demanded it, dangerous pants, too. I'm vegetarian and a neo-pagan. I am, in fact, a non-smoker, although whether I have a GSOH, or indeed any SOH, is a matter for debate.

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