This says to me:

Hi, we are going to fuck; you don't get any, sorry.

I think that quite possibly,

"Live nude nymphomaniacal heterosexuals"

would more realistically engage the target audience. Then again, the target audience is generally not all that fickle as long as they are enticed convincingly with the promise of some ass.

A Carney is addressing a crowd of folks

STEP RIGHT UP! STEP RIGHT UP! We got us a whole nose load of some Live Nude Lesbians! HOT! and FRESH! Netted from the sidewalks, and workplaces of San Fransico Califor-nigh-eh and Atlanta,Georgia! You there sir, you look like you could use some LIVE NUDE LESBIANS! Why don't you take one home TODAY! They're only $25 a pair!

(in a bland, monotone voice) I don't know, I already have a pair of Hot Male Studs of my own. What exactly can some LIVE NUDE LESBIANS do for me?

I'm glad you asked! Need some extra security around the house?!? I gay-rhun-tee my LIVE NUDE LESBIANS will quickly organize a N.O.W protest, and that will surely keep anyone thinking of violating you or your feelings VERY FAR AWAY. And they're easy to care for! All they need is a a nice place to sleep, water, chocolate and Indigo Girls to keep them perky! So whudday say? {nudge nudge wink wink}

I rekkun I'll take a pair! Put em on the back of muh truck!

The crowd swarms the man speaking. People are shouting "Live Nude Lesbians!? I'll take 10!" and "What a deal!" Another day's business has gotten off to an excellent start

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