I was walking through a mall with a tall female friend of mine who was about forty. She was wearing this black dress with black bracelets and accessories while I was wearing this thin black dress of mine that barely goes below the crotch. We smiling and making fun of the guys with the trays of pizza samples as we passed the food court. "Here, would you like to taste a piece of pizza? Because, we know you've never tasted pizza before." I said jokingly. At the corner of the food court and the main hall was a cookie shop with large chocolate chip cookies that smelled great. We were tempted for a minute but kept going towards a store at the end.

The scene switched a little as I entered the store. Suddenly I was male, wearing a white dress shirt, no tie, and khakis. My female companion was replaced with two male friends. One of them was Indian and the other has, unfortunately, faded from memory since waking. You could just tell this was a classy store for the malls richer clientele. A balding man in a white dress shirt and tie stepped from behind the rich hues of a hardwood counter by the entrance. He greeted us and I was very proud of myself for standing tall and passing for a well bred yuppie.

We passed a couple racks of average looking T-shirts and suddenly found ourselves surrounded by the stores real merchandise. Racks, and racks, and shelves of Hitler memorabilia. T-shirts with large images of Hitler over a swastika, Baseball Caps with the same image, silk ties with swastikas in white circles, everywhere we looked Hitler and the Nazis stared back. I was almost sick. I practically ran from the store.

I kept going until I found myself walking through the cookie store. A man behind the counter asked me if I wanted a cookie and I shook my head and waved in the general direction of the store. "God no, I can't eat after that. "

Only fragments tonite, all filled with anxiety:

- Driving in my car. Getting lost, completely, again.
- Cooking food for some friends. More and more friends just drop in, together with people I don't consider as friends, as well as people whom I don't know at all.
- Being late for a meeting. Getting lost in the same very building I work in.

Good thing about this kind of dreams, is that you feel so relieved when you wake up.

I was running late for play rehearsal and knew my director would be pissed, but I was trapped in my county court house with an elderly Kitty Pryde (see Shadowcat) and my Spanish professor, who was gloating because I failed her quiz Friday. Suddenly, I realized "everyone is out to get me" and felt a strong desire to get the hell out of the country. I started plotting ways to get to Canada, knowing that any attempt at driving would alert the state police, who were monitoring my car.

I asked Kitty if she could still phase, hoping she would help me escape the court house, and she replied with an Aunt Jemima voice (as I thought of it in the dream), saying "No, child. I can't do that nowadays, but I can tell you how to get out." We escaped through the sewers, and exited a manhole behind the building, where an angry mob of townsfolk were gathering with mutant detectors and guns. Kitty lurched to a dark green SUV and started running them down, while I took off running.

As I ran, I noticed that I was doing it on all fours, and my point of view shifted to an overhead view of myself, in leopard form, racing through a grassy field being pursued by German Shepherds and Akitas. The dogs cornered me at a murky lake, and as I turned to face them my boyfriend knocked something over in the next room, waking me up.


. . .my hat--I’m not quite sure what kind it is--is all scrunched up. I hold it in my hands.

I am looking for a hat-repairer. I see something like a booth in a fair or some such thing: a frame of wood, but the walls only go up half-way. There is no roof.

Trying to get to it, I find I am going uphill. Not only this, but there seems to be snow on the ground.

It is slippery!

I am told they will repair my hat. This is good. But it will take a while. In the meantime, I can get a replacement hat from the booth next to the hat-repairers.

I am trying to decide which one of the six replacement hats to take. . .

I dreamed last night that I was biking to some mountains. It was an assignment for one of my classes. I also I was to stop and swim in a river that I wished had been named after me. There where several of us on the road biking. But a good part of the classes decided to cheat and just take speed boats. don’t ask how they where suppose to get to some mountains via a speed boat. I remember getting mad that they where cheating and wouldn’t get caught. I woke up long before I ever got to any mountains.

Usually I don't dream at all. Last night, for some strange reason, I had a lot of dreams. Many that were parts of recurring dreams that I've been having since childhood. Many were scary / weird. I'm not going to tell you about those. I'm just going to tell you about the best part of one dream.

I was in the mountains. It was winter. There was snow on the ground, but it wasn't cold at all. I was walking down a mountain, when I happened across a frat party. Normally I don't like those kind of things, but I saw a guy I knew from school, so I stayed.

After hanging out for mere seconds at this frat party, I got introduced to Patrick Stewart. Patrick Stewart is one of the sexiest men I can think of. I don't care how old he is.

We talked for a little while. For some reason, we were sitting on a double bed, that had a single bed over top, bunk-bed style. There were two other people sitting with us, who left after a little while. When the second one left, he pulled the sheets from the top bunk down, so there was little "tent" that no one could see in.

I got to have sex with Patrick Stewart. That deep voice talking softly to me... I'm still getting chills! And then, the dream fast-forwarded to afterwards. Dangit! Then I was thinking, "Is he on my list of famous people that I can sleep with the my SO can't get mad at me for?"

Then I realized it was a dream. Double dangit!

I'm doing the builds again, creating ghost images for computers at work. I'm done for the summer, but some how I'm suppose to finish this from home. I have one machine. I can't make a build on that! I don't even have the checklist with me, which is upward of 70 steps. I feel confused about what I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm driving or walking or in someway traversing a gravel road in near the village where I grew up. I hear the sound of a helicopter approaching. I look around. Theres a drilling rig flying down the road, under it's own power, not being lifted by sky cranes or anything. It has two derricks, one on the front and one the back, both folded down so that they are horizontal. I can't see the blades, but I can hear the sound, and it seems totally natural that a drilling rig with two derricks should be flying under it's own power down a rural road.

I drive to a well site with this guy from work, Dave, and some other girl I've never seen before. When we get there, I wonder out loud if we need H2S tickets, because I know I haven't got mine. I think Dave tells us to stay in the truck but we get out anyway. We walk up to a bunch of roughnecks. Dave hands an invoice or something to the engineer. Everybody is watching a tank that has a crack in it. There's the tail of a fish sticking out of the crack. On of the guys gives another guy a hard time about a fish in his tank, so the guy goes up a grabs the tail of the fish, and pulls it out through the crack. Stuff starts spraying out of the crack, and suddenly it widens. The tank starts to moan, and everybody thinks this might a prudent time to run away.

Our truck is a lot further away then it was when we got there. The tank bursts, and stuff, water I think, spews all over the place. It engulfs a herd of cows. I know they are dead. Now all the other cows are running all over the place, trying to keep ahead of the surging tide. One cow jumps in the back of the truck with us. The surge spreads out and dies down, seeping into the ground. The cow jumps out of the truck and departs.

i was outside my girlfriend's house and it was pouring. i saw her little cat walking around, so i called it over and brought it inside. once i went to hand it to her, i realized it wasn't her cat, but my own, only younger. and it had this look of shock/amazement on it's little kitty face.

later on, my mom is somehow hinting at the fact that she knows i've done psychedelic drugs. i spend a large amount of time trying to figure out how she got this information (perhaps she's just read my e2 writeups :) ).

I saw a fat little baby girl hanging from a cloth swing, suspended some twenty feet over a dark hole full of wooden spikes. She had on one of those floppy hats, red and white striped, and little red overalls with matching shoes. Her big, bright blue eyes were sparkling, and she was giggling as she slowly fell closer to those spikes. I somehow made myself fly, only it was incredibly painful. I asked the baby if she wanted to be rescued, and of course she nodded. I gathered her into my arms like I would hold a cat, and we flew back to the edge of the hole. She thanked me, and made her way from there.


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