I was walking through a mall with a tall female friend of mine who was about forty. She was wearing this black dress with black bracelets and accessories while I was wearing this thin black dress of mine that barely goes below the crotch. We smiling and making fun of the guys with the trays of pizza samples as we passed the food court. "Here, would you like to taste a piece of pizza? Because, we know you've never tasted pizza before." I said jokingly. At the corner of the food court and the main hall was a cookie shop with large chocolate chip cookies that smelled great. We were tempted for a minute but kept going towards a store at the end.

The scene switched a little as I entered the store. Suddenly I was male, wearing a white dress shirt, no tie, and khakis. My female companion was replaced with two male friends. One of them was Indian and the other has, unfortunately, faded from memory since waking. You could just tell this was a classy store for the malls richer clientele. A balding man in a white dress shirt and tie stepped from behind the rich hues of a hardwood counter by the entrance. He greeted us and I was very proud of myself for standing tall and passing for a well bred yuppie.

We passed a couple racks of average looking T-shirts and suddenly found ourselves surrounded by the stores real merchandise. Racks, and racks, and shelves of Hitler memorabilia. T-shirts with large images of Hitler over a swastika, Baseball Caps with the same image, silk ties with swastikas in white circles, everywhere we looked Hitler and the Nazis stared back. I was almost sick. I practically ran from the store.

I kept going until I found myself walking through the cookie store. A man behind the counter asked me if I wanted a cookie and I shook my head and waved in the general direction of the store. "God no, I can't eat after that. "