I was on a trip, and my plane took me to some country in the east because I had to do the rest of the travel with a teleport. The teleport facility was built underground, so in case something goes wrong, the disruption wont damage the space-time continuum on the surface. While walking in the corridor, I saw the teleport device at the end of it. It was an octagonal room without doors to separate it from the corridor, and in the center of it was a long glass tube with one side of it open for stepping inside. It spun slowly, and green long zaps of electricity flew from discs on its top and bottom to electronic devices at the walls of the room. Anyway, I was taken to preparation room, where I had to lay down for getting two 1cm implants on my left arm. The operation was easy, but I had to be put to sleep for doing it..

When I woke up, there were alarms going on, and staff next to me hadnt noticed my waking because they were too busy trying to fix things with a large computer. I looked at my arm, and it had two shirt-button sized glass dots with circuits running inside them. I stood up, and soon noticed that there was gas inside the facility, and the techs tried to turn it off because even smallest spark could light it. The teleport used huge amounts of energy, and it seemed to be built idiot-proof against shutdown attempts. Heavy metal doors to the lift were closed, so my only change of escape was the teleport itself. I ran through the corridor, and when I got to the teleport room, I noticed two green switches on the opposite sides of the room. I pulled them down, but when I was stepping inside the glass tube, the gas exploded, and as the flames engulfed me, I woke up.

I woke up in a metal chamber, and as I checked my arm, it didnt have implants anymore. I opened the chamber, and when I looked outside, I was still in the teleport facility, but everything was covered in ash and the techs were nothing but friend black skeletons on the floor. I somehow realized that I had been a copy of myself, and my original body was to be disposed while I'd live my life in the new body at the next destination. I walked through the same corridors, and saw my previous corpse in the teleport room, but though the teleport was blacked with ash, it still seemed to work. There was nothing else to do, so I stepped inside..

I was walking on the beach, probably I had been swimming, because I was wet and had a towel hanging on my shoulders. Then I saw an old friend who I haven't seen in years, so I walked up to him. Then I woke up.
I think it's strange that I dreamt that I was walking on the beach, since I haven't been on the beach in years, even though I live only 200 meters from it. Might have been a hint that I should go there more often.

The dream was so long I'm not positive where it started but I was in the army, and our squad leader decided we needed training and sent us on a hike through the woods at night with our rifles. Our job was to get from point A to point be without making a sound. Being American army I quietly found this funny as I've never seen american army men do anything quietly, although I assume it to be possible.

The march began and some of the men behind me were talking as we entered the woods, soon a hispanic friend of mine tried to convince me to take a shortcut through the woods that would get us there faster and without being heard. I shook my head as I was kindof into the exercise and trying to get there as quietly as possible the hard way. We passed something as we went around the bend that I swore looked like a couple of our men laying in the grass on the side of an embankment. Curious I dropped back from the rest of our group and went to investigate. Eventually I got close enough to realize that they were just shovels and things catching the moonlight just right.

By then I was very far behind the group though and had to tun to catch up. But no matter how fast I tried to run I couldn't seem to build up and speed. Eventually dawn broke and I was still running with no sign of the group. The trees were far apart and the ground covered with dried pine needles. I wasn't worried about not having caught up with the group, just about the fact that I couldn't move any faster and knowing I should be able to.

That dream faded and it became my father, my brother, some woman, and I and we were in an office type building about to step into an elevator. It was an intelligent elevator that you could talk to, and the woman and I were seeing what each of us could get it to do. I said "take us to 'admissions' and it started to close the door, but not everyone was in so I said 'wait' and it did. Once everyone was in and it started to wisk us off she topped me by starting to do a vocal rendition of the guitar intro to some classic 70's rock song. She was really good and after about 30 seconds the music in the elevator switched to the song she was singing at the same point in the song she was at. It was very cool.

Soon we could see out the window of the elevator as it raised up into this large atrium with incredible architecture. Four floors looked out into the space and their walls were covered in deep red lines of curving wood. It was really a masterpiece. My little brother wasn't as enthused. He was the reason we were here. It was a preppy school for the children of rich people and he wasn't totally into it. We sat in rows of stackable plastic chairs my father and Quinn (my little brother) sat side by side and I sat behind my father looking over Quinns shoulder as he took a test. The questions were from the Immigration and Naturalization Services test for citizenship eligibility only it was some kind of entrance exam for the school. Bored, I sat back and looked towards the yuppie couple on my right. Realizing I wasn't taking the test she asked me if I went here. When I said no she said "But, how are you going to get a job?"

"I have a job" I said, and the double take she did was amazing. I was sitting there with my black hair and red forelock in jeans and a tight shirt with drawings of japaneseish people and streams that showed off my boobs. She asked if I was 16 and I chuckled. "keep going", I said.

"twenty?" I shook my head. "twenty-four?" With each successive guess she became more and more uncomfortable.

"twenty-six" I told her and she was shocked. That a twenty-six yeah old girl could go around looking like that was unthinkable to her. This made me chuckle even more.

Eventually I got bored and wandered off into the streets of the town. Everyone had large yards, fences, and ivy growing everywhere. Eventually I came across a barely pubescent boy with a buzz cut and a green army t-shirt. I guessed from the moving van that he had just arrived in town and since I had nothing better to do I started talking to him; asking him when he got here, commenting on the snootyness of the place, and things like that. He was a little confused when he realized I didn't live there. Then his father and a friend of his fathers came over. His father was a very evil man. I knew him , and I knew the boy. And when the boy realized this he became even more confused. His carefully constructed "push people around and be in charge" facade was failing miserably.

"Don't you know her?" His father said. "That's your uncles daughter." The boy was now very confused. We had sparred in the past and I had decidedly one but he didn't recognize me.

Not wanting to hang around the antichrist dad of his I walked down to the main road and stuck out my thumb. Actually, before I tried my thumb I tried a couple glasses cases but they didn't work so well at getting people to stop and give me a ride. Eventually this blue boat of a car from the 50's pulled over. At first glance it had no driver but when I looked inside there was an old lady laying on her back across the bench seat driving without looking. I asked he politely if she would like me to drive for her and she agreed . I thanked the goddess for small favors and started on our way.

The old lady looked exactly like my grandmother, the one who passed away a few years ago. As we drove it became apparent that she wasn't fully there. She kept switching among random topics and assorted silliness but she was a nice lady. I did begin to wonder if she was really supposed to be out here driving and if anyone was looking for her.  She said she was headed for Phoenix and that seemed like an ok destination to me, kindof on my way. I was enjoying this little grandmother look-alike when we pulled off of the road at some driving range / food stop / failed amusement area and the cell phone rang. It was her son and he said she shouldn't be out and that he would come and get her. This after much explaining of where we were. The son was not terribly bright, or in the mood to listen.

The Grandmother and I, I had started calling her Gram or Grandmother by this point, had fun walking over large rocks and boulders that were spread across a large area of ground. She was very inquisive, like a little child, and had much fun. I worried a little that she might hurt herself but she seemed very in control of her body. She wandered off and somehow managed to end up in my closet (don't ask me how my closet got there) playing with my ski's and snowboard. I helped her try them , and some weird cross between the two when her son showed up. He handed me a wooden shoe and told me to record the weight readings from it .

I knew somthing was wrong. This was some sort of evidence he was trying to gather. Why did he want evedence he could connect to me? "No," I said. "why do you want it?" He said it wasn't important and then put a 2 inch piece of leather around her throat. It was a choker of sorts and had a large opening over her Adam's apple. I noticed that she was covered with small pinpricks there and as I looked over at the man we was strapping some black leather contraption over his groin and waist. This was not good. this was not good at all. "If you whip her I will whip you!" I said. As I said it I realized just how lame and unthreatening it sounded but it was all I was able to come up with then. But, this guy was about to get his jollies off of torturing this Grandmother, his mother . And, I couldn't sit around and watch.

In some ways she was all grandmothers. She was the grandmother moon I pray to every night. And she was my grandmother who I loved unconditionally.

The scene cuts to me suspeneded spread eagle and mostly nude in the middle of a blackness, my ancles and wrists in steel manacles, attached to nothing. The camera swings down from a frontal shot to one looking up from just in front of me. The distant darkness above us fills with a falling gray rain that splatters on the ground revealing itself as blood. The camera cuts back to in front of me and a mangled corpse, barely recognizable as human, falls with a large thump, spraying the blood it landed in. I had killed him. I had killed him for what he had tried to do to grandmother, and I wasn't sorry.

I dreamt there was a parallel city within the real city, a blur of hidden tunnels and connecting dim rooms, where all the people I have loved and lost touch with seemed to be living. They were happy, all going about their business, and seemed very surprised that I had not come to see them before.
And I met my elder brother there, who died before I was born, and who I have never previously met in dreams. His face, which I have never seen, looked completely familiar, as if I had seen it a billion times - and we knew each other as if we had known each other all our lives. He knew all about everything in my life, and was practical, sympathetic and funny. He hugged me, and told me to come back and see him soon. I woke up, and found myself missing someone I have never met: most strange.

Almost every night this week I have had a very.. 'odd' dream. Last night I must say, was the funniest.

I was about to get married. I was very excited, happy, and nervous, as all brides to be are. My father came to get me, as the wedding was about to begin. And I was walking down next to my husband to be, and as I turned to look at him, I saw he was a mouse; a full size mouse. He was very good looking, he had two younger mice behind him, holding up his tail, as I had two friends of mine behind me, holding up my dress.

As it came time for him to say "i do", he looked at me, flinched him nose like mice do, and started to squeal.

What I do not understand is, why a MOUSE?!

I really hope dreams do not have a funny little way of actually happening.

The baby is crying, she is keeping me awake. Wait, there's no baby, who is it then? Must be the baby. But no baby lives here. Then why can't I sleep? Someone is crying but it's not the baby. Someone hush the baby so I can sleep. Who is it, why won't she stop, who is it? Certainly not the baby. I wish she would go to sleep. I wish I would go to sleep. Whose baby will not leave my dream, who can't stop crying?

i'm in a room similar to my cousin's den upstairs, but it's set up more like a dorm room no one's moved into yet. the lighting is distinctly yellow. i'm laying on this bed next to my friend carri. we talk about nonsense, then she kisses me, only i know it's o.k., but she is somehow also my girlfriend, tricia.


i'm spooned up behind the carri/tricia hybrid, grinding my pelvis against her behind. fade out. the end.

While taking a walk, I see Billy Graham, whom I recognize but have never met before. We chat briefly. Later on, I find out that I have been tried for and found guilty of heresy in absentia at Memorial Church, with Billy Graham presiding.

What we do is we dig in this big pile of dirt. There is a whole crowd of us, all kinds, moving dirt back and forth, making holes and filling them in and making fun and passing time. This kid named Aaron can't say anything right. But he laughs along.

One of us is a dwarf, but it turns out the digging makes him angry and frustrated. We try but can't talk him down, he runs at a vertical part of the pile so hard he goes deep into it - then a small gold door closes and locks behind him.

Years later, the door is unlocked and i go down small stairs to where he lives under the dirt. His two children literally roll over to me .. they are incredibly malformed, a foot coming out of the back of one's neck, neither more than a foot and a half high, with faces round and squinty. They eep at me and glare while he comes to speak to me, guardedly, at the foot of the stair.

He decides he wants me to take his third son out to the outside world because he is too large to live down there, and the "handsome son" must have his adventures, seek his fortune. He is normal sized, sleeping, and naked, when we hand him up to the sunlight, maneuvering him through the staircase like an unwieldy sofa.

Soon after hitting the surface he is absorbed by a crowd of highschoolers. He acquires their posture dress and disdain, and always has a friend clamped to his side. He forgets me.

I follow them across a road and up a rough grassy hill for a performance. Crouched in the bushes and on top of a minimal stage the actors wear camoflage combats in Fantasia pastels, and some have gauzy wings. They carry stylized wooden instruments to represent guns, and begin to do battle.

I seek out the handsome son, who does not recognise me. I wonder if he'll remember his past at all, so i recount the dream from the beginning. At first he looks bored, but then he gets shifty. The guns start shooting bullets, but he's more wary of the story: he builds a small sturdy fort and hides from me.

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