Almost every night this week I have had a very.. 'odd' dream. Last night I must say, was the funniest.

I was about to get married. I was very excited, happy, and nervous, as all brides to be are. My father came to get me, as the wedding was about to begin. And I was walking down next to my husband to be, and as I turned to look at him, I saw he was a mouse; a full size mouse. He was very good looking, he had two younger mice behind him, holding up his tail, as I had two friends of mine behind me, holding up my dress.

As it came time for him to say "i do", he looked at me, flinched him nose like mice do, and started to squeal.

What I do not understand is, why a MOUSE?!

I really hope dreams do not have a funny little way of actually happening.