So there I was, having a sit-down, alone in the toilets at my work, and suddenly I hear a very strange noise of the type not associated with toilets at all.

The sound was not unlike the sound that a bottle of Coke or Irn Bru makes as it is opened, and you hear that sharp rush of gas followed by the sound a bottle being unscrewed.

This surprised me quite a lot, and led me to have bouts of extreme paranoia whenever I happened to venture back to the toilet and hear that noise again. As you can imagine, extreme paranoia is not the kind of thing that you want when you're relaxing on the can.

I heard this noise on and off for around a year and a half. Gradually, my paranoia wore off, and I got curious. One day, after I had finished my sit-down, I washed my hands since I'm a hygienic person, and started to walk out of the door in a leisurely fashion. All of a sudden, a cloud of mist hit my face and I heard an all too familiar sound of a bottle being opened, together with a strong, pungent smell of flowers.

And then it hit me.

The noise was caused by a small timed unit affixed to the wall next to the door, and after a certain amount of time it would release a small burst of the air freshener into the atmosphere of the toilet.

If I've learned anything from my experiences with strange noises in toilets, it would certainly be that paranoia stinks.

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