I was on a trip, and my plane took me to some country in the east because I had to do the rest of the travel with a teleport. The teleport facility was built underground, so in case something goes wrong, the disruption wont damage the space-time continuum on the surface. While walking in the corridor, I saw the teleport device at the end of it. It was an octagonal room without doors to separate it from the corridor, and in the center of it was a long glass tube with one side of it open for stepping inside. It spun slowly, and green long zaps of electricity flew from discs on its top and bottom to electronic devices at the walls of the room. Anyway, I was taken to preparation room, where I had to lay down for getting two 1cm implants on my left arm. The operation was easy, but I had to be put to sleep for doing it..

When I woke up, there were alarms going on, and staff next to me hadnt noticed my waking because they were too busy trying to fix things with a large computer. I looked at my arm, and it had two shirt-button sized glass dots with circuits running inside them. I stood up, and soon noticed that there was gas inside the facility, and the techs tried to turn it off because even smallest spark could light it. The teleport used huge amounts of energy, and it seemed to be built idiot-proof against shutdown attempts. Heavy metal doors to the lift were closed, so my only change of escape was the teleport itself. I ran through the corridor, and when I got to the teleport room, I noticed two green switches on the opposite sides of the room. I pulled them down, but when I was stepping inside the glass tube, the gas exploded, and as the flames engulfed me, I woke up.

I woke up in a metal chamber, and as I checked my arm, it didnt have implants anymore. I opened the chamber, and when I looked outside, I was still in the teleport facility, but everything was covered in ash and the techs were nothing but friend black skeletons on the floor. I somehow realized that I had been a copy of myself, and my original body was to be disposed while I'd live my life in the new body at the next destination. I walked through the same corridors, and saw my previous corpse in the teleport room, but though the teleport was blacked with ash, it still seemed to work. There was nothing else to do, so I stepped inside..