Damn you, Jessicapierce! I've started dreaming in the style of your dreamlogs...

Must... Resist...

We were lying on the mossy ground between the huge trees, the wind was cold on our naked skin.

The knights wouldn't let me into the town until I produced a printout of my birthday cards.

nate sent me an email saying that I had been given 1000 extra XP for spinning around a lot. (1)

Her shoulders were sunburned and she didn't want me to treat them. I massaged her feet with olive oil instead.

The telephone answered itself and said that I was tuning my racing car.

We ran through the forest, avoiding the monsters in the shadows. The glass cottage was too far and I was out of breath. She drove me home in a magical car with no sides.

The planets were hanging large in the sky, but no one wanted to do anything about it.

(1) I dreamed about E2. I feel such an addict. :-)


More atmosphere than detail to recall. Somehow, I am Hypatia of Alexandria (the mathematician and philosopher, murdered by a mob of Christians in 415).

But it is not clear from what I remember whether I am still alive, or simply floating about, reviewing what other people are saying about me, while they are unaware of my presence. A sense that people regret what they said, that they are confessing to other intimates how they spread various rumors about me, without realizing that there might be some harmful aftereffect from doing so.

A very atmospheric dream, the sense of a desert city, ancient architecture, the life of the bazaar and the decline of classical, Greco-Roman culture in the Alexandria I imagine to have existed around 415 C.E. The sense of invisible eavesdropping on secret confessions and intimate revelations.

I'm beginning to wonder why my dreams are so efficient in their continuity from dream to dream. I suspect I'm actually being transported to an alternate timeline when I sleep.

I enter the dream in a garden. I'm raking, turning the soil over, preparing to make furrows, so I can plant pot for an old friend's (non-existent irl, but always present when I dream of the old friend) sister.

In return, she's entrusting me with her work-from-home business while she takes a long vacation out of the country. How the pot I'm going to be growing for her is going to help her while she's out of the country is a thought that occurs to me, but since I'd really like to work from home, I keep my mouth shut.

I finish with the garden, and we decide to break for lunch. I hop into my Mustang, and drive down a long country lane. I see a guy driving a 3-wheeled ATV to my right, and he has a horrific accident, flying off of the vehicle, and flying hundreds of feet through the air before hitting the ground, which bounces him hundreds of feet straight up ... and over a mountain.

I stop at the closest house, and ask to use the phone. I'm told that I can't use the phone, because it's on the ATV that just left for Texas. I try to tell the residents that the ATV is in a million pieces, and the driver flung over a mountain, but can't get through to them. Sighing, I leave.

I catch up with the friend and her sister at a fast food place. We're standing at the counter abreast, and a guy walks behind my two friends, as if he's the next to order. He begins hitting on my two friends, and I try to stop him from bothering them (and stopping me from placing my order, cause I'm hungry!) but he turns on me, pops me one on the jaw, and says, "You get what you deserve, because the last time I was here, you didn't give me any Ranch dressing!".

Oddly enough, the last time I dreamed about fast food (years ago), it was at this restaurant, and indeed I worked there and indeed I didn't give this guy any Ranch dressing.

I guess I had it coming.

We leave the restaurant, and return to the house. All the people have become the characters from the Roseanne show, my old friend being Roseanne, but this is not unusual. We eat some breakfast (odd, because we were at the restaurant to eat lunch), then head back out to the video arcade.

I'm thinking "cool ... I can play Pac Man", but the video arcade instead has virtual reality sex booths. I'm somewhat disappointed at the bulkiness (and non-clean state) of the suits you have to wear, when the owner hands me a phone. It's my brother, and he needs money for gas, he tells me, but I know he's lying. He needs money for food, which I won't give to him because he refuses to stop drinking and won't take his medication. We then proceed to have a heart to heart talk about what he needs to do to get his life back on track.

We leave the arcade, and drive up a steep hill. There are many couples getting married on this hill, and lots of balloons are being released into the sky, only to be retrieved by environmentalists in helicopters.

Then I wake up.

I fell asleep in my English class as everyone was giving summaries of the chapters of Frankenstein. This caused me to dream the sequel to Frankenstein. I was Margaret Saville and I was reading Robert Walton's letters to me, only he was talking about his dear Elizabeth. There was going to be a wedding onboard and Victor Frankenstein, played by my friend, Ben, was onboard as a bounty hunter being chased, something to do with the death of Elizabeth (who was now marrying Robert Walton?) The ship was then invaded by a nude man and his crewmates of the Sephora (which was in Conrad's The Secret Sharer). I was mixing up a whole bunch of stories. I put the letter down and I walk outside in some nomad tribe where I see myself burning in effigy. I run into Ben and another boy from my English class, Adam, and they're telling me about this epic they are writing based on Beowulf with a bunch of the characters from Asimov's Foundation Series. The entire thing is in some germanic language (like Old English) and Adam whispers to me that Ben will be kicked out of the credit lines because his writing really sucks. I told him that's a lie, and we laughed at this, but then something happened...

Joseph started doing some impersonations of Frankenstein's monster and I woke up.

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