I was running late for play rehearsal and knew my director would be pissed, but I was trapped in my county court house with an elderly Kitty Pryde (see Shadowcat) and my Spanish professor, who was gloating because I failed her quiz Friday. Suddenly, I realized "everyone is out to get me" and felt a strong desire to get the hell out of the country. I started plotting ways to get to Canada, knowing that any attempt at driving would alert the state police, who were monitoring my car.

I asked Kitty if she could still phase, hoping she would help me escape the court house, and she replied with an Aunt Jemima voice (as I thought of it in the dream), saying "No, child. I can't do that nowadays, but I can tell you how to get out." We escaped through the sewers, and exited a manhole behind the building, where an angry mob of townsfolk were gathering with mutant detectors and guns. Kitty lurched to a dark green SUV and started running them down, while I took off running.

As I ran, I noticed that I was doing it on all fours, and my point of view shifted to an overhead view of myself, in leopard form, racing through a grassy field being pursued by German Shepherds and Akitas. The dogs cornered me at a murky lake, and as I turned to face them my boyfriend knocked something over in the next room, waking me up.