I'm doing the builds again, creating ghost images for computers at work. I'm done for the summer, but some how I'm suppose to finish this from home. I have one machine. I can't make a build on that! I don't even have the checklist with me, which is upward of 70 steps. I feel confused about what I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm driving or walking or in someway traversing a gravel road in near the village where I grew up. I hear the sound of a helicopter approaching. I look around. Theres a drilling rig flying down the road, under it's own power, not being lifted by sky cranes or anything. It has two derricks, one on the front and one the back, both folded down so that they are horizontal. I can't see the blades, but I can hear the sound, and it seems totally natural that a drilling rig with two derricks should be flying under it's own power down a rural road.

I drive to a well site with this guy from work, Dave, and some other girl I've never seen before. When we get there, I wonder out loud if we need H2S tickets, because I know I haven't got mine. I think Dave tells us to stay in the truck but we get out anyway. We walk up to a bunch of roughnecks. Dave hands an invoice or something to the engineer. Everybody is watching a tank that has a crack in it. There's the tail of a fish sticking out of the crack. On of the guys gives another guy a hard time about a fish in his tank, so the guy goes up a grabs the tail of the fish, and pulls it out through the crack. Stuff starts spraying out of the crack, and suddenly it widens. The tank starts to moan, and everybody thinks this might a prudent time to run away.

Our truck is a lot further away then it was when we got there. The tank bursts, and stuff, water I think, spews all over the place. It engulfs a herd of cows. I know they are dead. Now all the other cows are running all over the place, trying to keep ahead of the surging tide. One cow jumps in the back of the truck with us. The surge spreads out and dies down, seeping into the ground. The cow jumps out of the truck and departs.