So we're just hanging out around my house, as usual... and as usual, he's being an idiot (it's hard to explain, you'd just have to know him).

("He" being this friend of mine, dare I say best friend, as I've known him for so bloody long)

He's really pissing me off, so out of nowhere, I hit him in a kind of backhanded fist. My fist makes contact with his face, and you can hear the most awful cracking/thumping/smashing sound. He looks up at me with a face that has shock and rage like I could never imagine. He lunges at me, and that's when I wake up.

I doesn't make any sense. As much as he's ever pissed me off, I've never, ever, hit him...
I've never noded dreams but this one was pretty weird and funny.

I woke up real early this morning and wanted to sleep longer or I knew I'd be tired all day. I managed to fall back to sleep for a half hour and had this crappy dream about trying to sleep.

A roommates friend parked his jeep on our lawn, with a bunch of hoses and wiring coming into the house. That roomate and said friend are rough houseing around while I'm trying to sleep. The friend went outside. The roommate followed, naked. I yelled at her for being naked outside and tried to get some sleep.

The roomate comes back in yelling at me, apparently a big brown van full of militant fascists had parked on the lawn, and were getting the neighbors steamed at us. We had to get rid of them pronto, and I sent for my bag full of guns. But somehow they left on their own, I didn't have to worry about them so I tried to get some sleep.

I wind up getting dragged outside by the roommate to look at something. We follow the mysterious trail of hoses and wires out of the house, thru the lawn to a mammoth machine which had appeared in my side yard. It was a tall rectangular orange machine, almost as tall as our one story house. I was trying to figure out what it was, it looked like an industrial pressure washer and had hoses running into the house and into that guy's jeep. And it didn't seem very stable in the side yard like that, as it kept leaning around. The damn thing was going to fall over if I didn't figure out what to do with it.

I was trying to figure out who to kill for placing a 10 ton machine in my sideyard and connecting it to every household utility available (and a jeep) when a neighbor came over and started showing off his new shop vac. What the hell, I thought. Then from somewhere the neighbor produces a fire hose (was it hooked to the pressure washer?) and begins to spray my roommate, her friend and me with it. Ouch.

Then, just like i'd thought, the huge machine separated at the base and fell on top of the garage. The roof was destroyed and now this thing was looming halfass over the driveway, ready to flatten anything under it when the garage gives way. The landlord was sure going to be mad, I thought as I woke up.

Having just visited my ol' hometown of Atlanta, last night's dream took place there..Up alongside an access road beside I-85, just north of the city.....I was driving around in a pick-up truck with a sofa in the back, obviously looking for a place to dump it; or maybe not..maybe looking for a place to store it..anyway, I kept meandering back and forth from one side of the freeway to another..when I went into some building..and when I came out, the truck was gone!!... the truck, the sofa, the whole nine yards, gone..and I awoke.

Yea, my sofa is still here and I don't own a truck..

So this is my first dreamlog. Had two weird short dreams just before I woke up this morning/afternoon. In most of my dreams I tend to notice the mood or the atmosphere more than what any particular person is saying, so any dialog I hear is always very vague.

The first dream I was some kind of Omniscient viewer during an episode of Voyager. It started off from an actual episode I saw a while ago, but can't remember which one at the moment. Tuvok had some kind of strange Vulcan Flu and he could only get rid of it by sleeping with his wife (no I'm serious), so Tom Paris made a holodeck replica of her. Except in my dream it was Neelix who set up the holodeck program.
So Tuvok comes out of the holodeck, and says something about his real wife's ears being 3mm higher to Neelix. Neelix walks into the holodeck to see what he's talking about, but a different program seems to be running. The holodeck is black and borg-like, there are a number of holographic borg and other vile looking aliens, who stare menacingly at Neelix. He turns around to see Tuvok walk into the holodeck, looking utterly alien, something is obviously very wrong. He tries to get a message to the captain, to try and explain that somehow the holodeck has taken control of Tuvok, but it's too late.

A Red Alert is sounding all over the ship, holo-emitters around the ship are projecting some kind of field onto it's surface, causing it to decay rapidly. The crew are forced into the middle of the ship as sections of the outer-hull start to breach.
Janeway taps her comm-badge and informs the doctor that they are going to abandon ship. The doctor replies that he will join them. He explains that as the holo-emitters are under alien control, he has had to make a crude physical replica of himself, which is also decaying slowly. Everyone gets into the captain's yacht and escapes from the ship, which now looks rather alien. The dream ends in a kind of to-be-continued fashion, which I'm sure it never will be.

After that it goes straight into another dream.

This time I seem to be in London with a friend. It isn't an actual London location, imagine a cross between Piccadilly Circus and Camden Market, and that's a vague idea of where we seem to be. There is a huge market, surrounded by tall buildings and billboards. Everyone seems to be going about their business. There are a few figures, climbing and walking around on the buildings, they seem to be the Stereo MC's. People on ground level are handing out those striped candy-cane things you see at Christmas. The Stereo MC's are shouting at everyone, they are telling us that if we bite the ends off the candy-cane sweets, we can play them like pennywhistles. Soon the marketplace is full of random tunes and noises. My friend and I walk around a little, playing the occasional tune ourselves. We walk to one corner of the market square, and look up at a giant Coca-Cola billboard. There is another figure standing on a ledge below it with a boom-box, he shouts to the crowd that we should all play along to the tune with our makeshift pennywhistles.

So before you know it, the entire marketplace is whistling and dancing to the theme from I Dream of Jeannie. My friend does a little Ferris Bueller type dance. A policeman strolls along and stops beside us, and talking to no-one in particular he mumbles that it's not safe for that man up there to be on that ledge, and that he must go and fetch the police dogs.

We walk away into the crowd, soaking up the atmosphere, out of the corner of my eye I seem to notice a familiar face through the crowd.
"Holy Shit" I say to my friend, "David Bowie is over there"
David Bowie is behind a food stall cooking hotdogs. I'm starstruck, I simply must have a hotdog cooked by David Bowie.
I drag my friend with me, he (David Bowie) seems to be cooking for a small family, they don't seem to realise who it is. In fact, nobody does. I try to calm down, stop acting like some rabid animal. We walk past the family, and peruse the other foodstuffs at the stall, I'm biding my time until the family leave.....

Unfortunately I never get that hotdog as I am rudely awakened seconds later, shit

I was at my old home, the house where I grew up, in my parents' bedroom, unpacking suitcases. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror and saw that my face was rather puffy. In fact, it was swelling as I watched; I was almost fascinated. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the faucet. My face continued to puff up and my throat began to close, making breathing difficult. I recognized I was having an allergic reaction.

I ran to the other end of the house where my parents were and somehow got their attention. I could not speak, but clutched my throat to indicate choking and tried to sign the numbers 9-1-1. The faucet in the bathroom was still running. I grabbed the shoulder of a little blond girl, my little sister in the dream, showed her the kitchen faucet and pointed down the hallway to the bedroom. She understood and ran to the bathroom to turn off the faucet.

We live 15 minutes out of town, so we had to wait quite some time for the EMTs to arrive. I worried I would lose all ability to breathe before they got here. I tried to remember everything I had recently eaten, wondering what could have caused such a violent reaction. Before the EMTs arrived I began to improve; facial swelling went down and I could talk some, though my throat was still swollen.

The EMTs arrived, two men who sort of milled around asking questions. I expected they would inject me with something, but they didn't. I still wondered what I could have eaten, when I realized my mouth was full of dried salty Japanese plums that I had been sucking on. Standing in front of the kitchen sink, I spit them out into a little bowl, scraping my mouth clean with my finger. They must have been the culprit, though I have enjoyed salty plums plenty of times before without ill effect. One of the EMTs said he would take them into the lab to be tested. I opened the cupboard and pulled out a container of salty plums. They had white and green crystallized "blooms" on their surfaces. They had gone bad with bacteria and that is what caused my allergic reaction.

In the morning I woke up repeating in my head, "Denial of service."

At the northeast corner of Oak Hill Cemetery in Lawrence, Ks, just on the outside of the cemetery fence I find I strange encampment, two tents made out of trash bags and dark colored tarps. There are some sleeping bags inside, and a guy comes up who happens to be a crazy mofo I met in NM who actuall tried to kill my ex girlfriend, his fiancee and another female friend of mine, in waking reality. He tells me he's got a new girlfriend, Rebecca. She's "young and sweet," he says, just sixteen (and he's like 30). He then tells me he's going to kill her. I devise a plan to kidnap her and take her to live with a hay farmer about a mile to the east so her boyfriend can't kill her. She comes thru the cemetery with some friends and I try to warn her and beg her to come with me but she won't, and her friends are successful at deterring me from the kidnapping... My ex's mom is with Rebecca, she regards me with suspicion and not a little hatred... a friend of mine from 8th grade is here too. She hugs me and won't let go, weeping because friends of mine in NM are hospitalized, this is the first I've heard of it. I imagine Rebecca gets killed, though I never witness it. As usual I feel quite powerless to change it.

My dream was kind of a continuation of another dream I had. I was a guy in the dream and I was married to a girl that was suppose to marry another guy, but I was bringing her to him? The year is like... the 1800s and we're on a train. I would say we are in the West, I'm part of a rich family , one of those Old World ones. She's from a rich family from the East, one of those Philadelphians, but they originally came from the South, I think in some business I can't remember, maybe starting with the Cotton Gin, and now with trains.

Well we're sitting in the cart, where the food is, and we over hear a guy, that looks a lot like John Voight talking to one of the service men. He hears that his daughter is on the train, she hitched a ride in one of the storage carts where all the other stolaways are on. He gives the service man a lot of money and tells him to disconnect the trains so he can teach his daughter a lesson. The service man hesitates at first but then John Voight threatens him and he does. When the carts were disconnected the train suddenly jolted just to recompense (I don't know if that's the word) for the sudden loss of weight from the storage carts. Me and my wife are disgusted so we decide to get up and move to our own private room which was closer to the front of the train which happened to be the back? It made no sense, the train driver was driving from the back of the train but it was considered to be the front.

Anyway as we were walking back it was as if the law of physics (motion) didn't exist. When we were walking back it was a lot faster because we were going against the motion and we hadn't velocitized with the speed of the train. So when we jumped or something we gained more ground. I made a mistake and did some sort of an angle and hit a bar. Wow it hurt! When we walked back to the cart, well in that direction it would be normal but kind of slow.

When we were in our private cart we didn't talk much, instead I took more notice of the scenery that was passing right outside of the window and I was amazed by it for some reason. I found it to be absolutely beautiful, it was dark and wild yet the sun was on it making it bright at the same time and I noticed that my wife looked just like it. It was weird. I was so phased out of things. But then I seemed to remember something and I went to grab her leg which shocked her and I lifted up the dress a little and took the knife that was hidden on her leg and flipped it in the air gleefully and asked her where the others were. She smiled and began to unsheath all these hidden knives on her bodies. I took a soft cloth case from underneath my seat and began to put them in there and rolled them all in.

When the train ride was over we got off at an old station, but it was one of the biggest ones in the nation. There was a coffee bar near the station and so we went there and sat down at a table, but I cleaned it off first because it was dirty. I went to get our drinks and when I came back there were two Russian guys sitting at the table too. I wasn't very happy, but they turned out to be very amusing. They said that they were there for the Gold Rush and still had a long journey North to go. We just said we were going to be moving into our new home. We soon got a taxi and drove to our new home which was a giant mansion and we had like 200 acres of woods and plains and a river running through it. Our servants arrived later with our luggage. The place was still empty and needed to be completely renovated, but at least there was a bed. I gave the servants money to buy beds for themselves and already stationed them in what was going to be their rooms for now before we would build a building for the servants.

The next day was kind of blurry but I remember going to a fancy restaurant with my wife and we were sitting at a nice table when this guy comes to confront us. He's the guy that my wife was supposed to marry, and everything just kind of fades out here because I'm waking up.

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