At the northeast corner of Oak Hill Cemetery in Lawrence, Ks, just on the outside of the cemetery fence I find I strange encampment, two tents made out of trash bags and dark colored tarps. There are some sleeping bags inside, and a guy comes up who happens to be a crazy mofo I met in NM who actuall tried to kill my ex girlfriend, his fiancee and another female friend of mine, in waking reality. He tells me he's got a new girlfriend, Rebecca. She's "young and sweet," he says, just sixteen (and he's like 30). He then tells me he's going to kill her. I devise a plan to kidnap her and take her to live with a hay farmer about a mile to the east so her boyfriend can't kill her. She comes thru the cemetery with some friends and I try to warn her and beg her to come with me but she won't, and her friends are successful at deterring me from the kidnapping... My ex's mom is with Rebecca, she regards me with suspicion and not a little hatred... a friend of mine from 8th grade is here too. She hugs me and won't let go, weeping because friends of mine in NM are hospitalized, this is the first I've heard of it. I imagine Rebecca gets killed, though I never witness it. As usual I feel quite powerless to change it.