I woke up in The Dream as an effectively ten-year-old boy, not sure whether I was myself at that age or some fairy-tale character.

Anyway, I was running errands for my (old) father when I got sidetracked and eventually completely lost. I found some wetlands and became even more lost. Luckily, I found some other people (farmers?), who offered to clean my clothes and point me in the direction of home. But I had wandered so far that they didn't know where my small hometown was, so they pointed me in the direction of the next big city (in that case, Chicago).

Then the events were repeated, but in highlight-reel form. This turned out to be me explaining everything to their son, who came along with me. I found Internet access and stumbled upon a fairy tale with events all too similar to mine. Unfortunately, the birds outside my real-world window woke me at this point, before I could store the name or URI of the page I was on or before I could figure out where I was going next.

Does the fact that it was the first time since I was a baby that I had slept in a bunting bag (that is, a sleeping bag with sleeves) have any bearing on what happened in the dream?

I don't know what it is, but for the past few days celebrities have been in my dreams. Hmmm.

I spent more than half of this dream looking for Miranda Richardson. She was at my highschool because they were filming a movie nearby and earlier on one of the drama students introduced me to Miranda Richardson's boyfriend, and he showed me where she was and asked me to help her look for whatever she was looking for. Apparently the movie she was working on would have Hindu themes, so she was looking for a class that would be teaching that. Thinking I was in university instead of my highschool I told her that the class should be down this hallway, we searched.

"Oh, must be down another hallway because this hallway starts with the 'k' subjects," I said.
"Okay, I'll find it myself, it shouldn't be that hard," she replied.
I nodded my head.

I went on my way to go home. My friend was picking me up from school so I soon spotted her car parked out front and I went to it. When I was getting into the car I asked my friend.

"Does the school have any classes that teach Hinduism?"
"No. The only class that would teach that would be grade 9 and only a little of it would be taught because it's in social studies class where they mix everything together. Don't you remember?" she answered.
"Oh yeah, I completely forgot! Damn, I have to go back and tell Miranda about it!"
"Okay, I'll be right here."

When I was getting out of the car again I saw Miranda Richardson's boyfriend getting into his car and was about to drive away, but I stopped him by knocking on his window and trying to get his attention. He turned off the engine of the white Jeep Grand Cherokee le. He rolled down the window and glared at me with a really mean look. Oh yes, just for a reminder this guy has a really snooty British accent.

"Okay, who are you and what do you want?" he asked me.
"Don't you remember me? You asked me to help Miranda Richardson look for whatever she was looking for," I answered.
"Oh yes, I remember you now, so what do you want? I'm in a hurry can't you see?" he said.
"I just wanted to tell you that there are no classes that teach Hinduism here, you're better off trying a University, can you tell Miranda that?" I asked.
"Okay," he started the engines of his car and started to leave.
"Wait, aren't you going to wait for Miranda? You're not going to leave her here are you?" I asked.
"Why should I care?" he asked back.
For some reason here I reply with poetry or something like that, I can't remember all the lines, the only thing I can remember is what he says back.
"The only thing remotely beautiful that you said there dear girl was 'The darkness of the waters shimmering in the moonlight, surging past the shores with unknown fathoms,' you failed miserably when you said 'the wharf is but an ugly stranger of the shallows' do you think that's going to impress Miranda? Now get your hands off my car!" he replied.

I took my hands off his car and he immediately drove away, the tires of the car stirred up the gravel and left a cloud of dust for me to cough in. I walked back to my friend's car and told her that I had to go and look for Miranda Richardson and tell her what happened.

So I went back to the school and searched for god knows how many minutes, I looked into the hallways that she could've possibly been in, but I was doing it as quick as possible just in case I might have missed her leaving a different one. I finally gave up and walked back outside and found her standing there instead looking for her boyfriend.

"God, where is Geoffrey when you need him?" she said to herself before noticing me.
"Miranda Richardson?" I asked.
She turned around and recognized me and angrily said, "You, do you know how long I searched for that Hindu class until I asked the office if they had one and they told me no?"
"Yes, I've been looking for you to tell you that, but I couldn't find you at all! You're boyfriend, Geoffrey, also left without you, he seemed pretty angry," I replied.
She sighs, "Now what am I going to do? I'm stranded here!"
"I can give you a ride to wherever you're staying," I offered.
She looked at me suspiciously at first but then accepted the offer.

We all got into the car and drove to the hotel that they were staying at. I walked with her up to the room for some reason. She opened the door and entered calling her boyfriend, there was no reply. Finally she entered the bathroom and found him in the bathtub with his throat slit and she screamed. I ran into the room and found out why she was screaming. I quickly grabbed her and urged her to leave before anyone else came. Then it quickly came to me, "What if this whole thing turns into Perfect Blue? And I get killed next just for knowing her?" But it was too late already she gave into my urgings and followed me out of the hotel and we made sure we weren't seen by anyone or cameras.

Throughout the whole time that we were hiding out from the cops who immediately targeted her as number one suspect I wanted to tell her what her boyfriend said about my poetry, but I never got to it. And the dream just kind of ended, well not really, funky stuff happened.

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