I've never noded dreams but this one was pretty weird and funny.

I woke up real early this morning and wanted to sleep longer or I knew I'd be tired all day. I managed to fall back to sleep for a half hour and had this crappy dream about trying to sleep.

A roommates friend parked his jeep on our lawn, with a bunch of hoses and wiring coming into the house. That roomate and said friend are rough houseing around while I'm trying to sleep. The friend went outside. The roommate followed, naked. I yelled at her for being naked outside and tried to get some sleep.

The roomate comes back in yelling at me, apparently a big brown van full of militant fascists had parked on the lawn, and were getting the neighbors steamed at us. We had to get rid of them pronto, and I sent for my bag full of guns. But somehow they left on their own, I didn't have to worry about them so I tried to get some sleep.

I wind up getting dragged outside by the roommate to look at something. We follow the mysterious trail of hoses and wires out of the house, thru the lawn to a mammoth machine which had appeared in my side yard. It was a tall rectangular orange machine, almost as tall as our one story house. I was trying to figure out what it was, it looked like an industrial pressure washer and had hoses running into the house and into that guy's jeep. And it didn't seem very stable in the side yard like that, as it kept leaning around. The damn thing was going to fall over if I didn't figure out what to do with it.

I was trying to figure out who to kill for placing a 10 ton machine in my sideyard and connecting it to every household utility available (and a jeep) when a neighbor came over and started showing off his new shop vac. What the hell, I thought. Then from somewhere the neighbor produces a fire hose (was it hooked to the pressure washer?) and begins to spray my roommate, her friend and me with it. Ouch.

Then, just like i'd thought, the huge machine separated at the base and fell on top of the garage. The roof was destroyed and now this thing was looming halfass over the driveway, ready to flatten anything under it when the garage gives way. The landlord was sure going to be mad, I thought as I woke up.