So this is my first dreamlog. Had two weird short dreams just before I woke up this morning/afternoon. In most of my dreams I tend to notice the mood or the atmosphere more than what any particular person is saying, so any dialog I hear is always very vague.

The first dream I was some kind of Omniscient viewer during an episode of Voyager. It started off from an actual episode I saw a while ago, but can't remember which one at the moment. Tuvok had some kind of strange Vulcan Flu and he could only get rid of it by sleeping with his wife (no I'm serious), so Tom Paris made a holodeck replica of her. Except in my dream it was Neelix who set up the holodeck program.
So Tuvok comes out of the holodeck, and says something about his real wife's ears being 3mm higher to Neelix. Neelix walks into the holodeck to see what he's talking about, but a different program seems to be running. The holodeck is black and borg-like, there are a number of holographic borg and other vile looking aliens, who stare menacingly at Neelix. He turns around to see Tuvok walk into the holodeck, looking utterly alien, something is obviously very wrong. He tries to get a message to the captain, to try and explain that somehow the holodeck has taken control of Tuvok, but it's too late.

A Red Alert is sounding all over the ship, holo-emitters around the ship are projecting some kind of field onto it's surface, causing it to decay rapidly. The crew are forced into the middle of the ship as sections of the outer-hull start to breach.
Janeway taps her comm-badge and informs the doctor that they are going to abandon ship. The doctor replies that he will join them. He explains that as the holo-emitters are under alien control, he has had to make a crude physical replica of himself, which is also decaying slowly. Everyone gets into the captain's yacht and escapes from the ship, which now looks rather alien. The dream ends in a kind of to-be-continued fashion, which I'm sure it never will be.

After that it goes straight into another dream.

This time I seem to be in London with a friend. It isn't an actual London location, imagine a cross between Piccadilly Circus and Camden Market, and that's a vague idea of where we seem to be. There is a huge market, surrounded by tall buildings and billboards. Everyone seems to be going about their business. There are a few figures, climbing and walking around on the buildings, they seem to be the Stereo MC's. People on ground level are handing out those striped candy-cane things you see at Christmas. The Stereo MC's are shouting at everyone, they are telling us that if we bite the ends off the candy-cane sweets, we can play them like pennywhistles. Soon the marketplace is full of random tunes and noises. My friend and I walk around a little, playing the occasional tune ourselves. We walk to one corner of the market square, and look up at a giant Coca-Cola billboard. There is another figure standing on a ledge below it with a boom-box, he shouts to the crowd that we should all play along to the tune with our makeshift pennywhistles.

So before you know it, the entire marketplace is whistling and dancing to the theme from I Dream of Jeannie. My friend does a little Ferris Bueller type dance. A policeman strolls along and stops beside us, and talking to no-one in particular he mumbles that it's not safe for that man up there to be on that ledge, and that he must go and fetch the police dogs.

We walk away into the crowd, soaking up the atmosphere, out of the corner of my eye I seem to notice a familiar face through the crowd.
"Holy Shit" I say to my friend, "David Bowie is over there"
David Bowie is behind a food stall cooking hotdogs. I'm starstruck, I simply must have a hotdog cooked by David Bowie.
I drag my friend with me, he (David Bowie) seems to be cooking for a small family, they don't seem to realise who it is. In fact, nobody does. I try to calm down, stop acting like some rabid animal. We walk past the family, and peruse the other foodstuffs at the stall, I'm biding my time until the family leave.....

Unfortunately I never get that hotdog as I am rudely awakened seconds later, shit