A state of being not connected, obvious as it sounds. It can be used to describe physical or electrical disconnection (as in "the phone was disconnected from the wall" -- i.e. it was not plugged in).

However, it's also very useful for expressing a certain metaphorical state of mind, where one does not feel completely in touch with one's surroundings. You can talk about being disconnected from reality; which happens sometimes when you don't get enough sleep, or you're going through some seriously shitty jet lag (say, flying from Australia to Europe); or you're just depressed.

You can talk about being disconnected from someone else, where you just can't seem to bridge that interpersonal gaps and the interaction with that person remains at that uncomfortably, overly cordial, lots-of-gaps-in-the-conversation phase.

"I've seen this before. i just cant remember what colour it was, or what it was saying to me."

"i remember hearing the phone ring last night, was it you?"
"what were you going to tell me?"
"Do you really want to know?"

"Doing absolutely nothing with you seems like it holds the same emotions as doing everything.
let me tell you about a boy i know, he doesnt have to smoke joints to be funny, he doesn't need to go to parties to remind himself he can get a girl under his sheets.
i could sit next to him for endless hours, tracing the lines on his palm. feeling his eyelashes on my face.
and it would feel as if i have just commited an unspeakable crime towards humanity, because i am happier than everyone else."

and now, i have just found the greatest epiphany of all epiphanies.
i have found love.

and it is wearing the softest eyelashes.

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