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"you are all beautiful, & you are all geniuses." -John Lennon
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the following is being copied and pasted here from something i wrote a while ago.
nothing has changed since.

i guess this could be a biography. or some sort of insight. anyway, here it goes. i am: complicated, over-emotional, defensive, ill-tempered, easily bored, easily hurt, easily angered, easily everything. i am declined most of the time, i over do everything i do, i obsess, i critize, i am a human with 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth that chooses when to open and shut, it is never up to you. i am vulnerable when im alone, but i am brave when im with you. i can take it. i can take evrything. of course, im not scared of bruises or black eyes or sores, or whatever. im scared of what i dont know. i have a thing for junk. im a junkie. im disorganized. i can be mean and rude to the people i love the most. i talk to myself, all the time, or at least most of the time. thats what writers do. i have a thing for bad boys. the ones that just dont care what anyone says, excluding me, of course. ciggarettes. jackets. msessy hair. that sort of thing. i dont know why. ive always had. i also love John Lennon. if i met a man half as amazing as him, i will get down on one knee. i like art. in every form it comes. so i guess i pretty much like everything. i like music, &lyrics &movies. & conversations. i like wierd things, things that question everything, and or anything. im an animal person, id love to see a dead person over a dead animal anyday. thats just me. i like hieghts. i like swallowing pills. you can imagine how itd be like if i ever got sick of life. i like walking alone, and drinking coffee when its really cold, because i always feel tingles down to my toes. i hate clocks. i hate cocks. i hate alarms. i hate telling time. i hate boards. i hate goodbyes. i hate quiet places. i hate seaweed and seeing snakes swallow rats. i hate ending conversations. i hate sleeping alone, or worse, feeling alone. i hate everything and anything that does not make me smile. i love having lunch in dark places. i love needles, and bullets and spraypaint. i love getting picked up and told i am wieghtless. i love stupid poeple, because they make me feel smart. i love early mornings, and late nights. i love keyboards. i love talking. i love trains and busses, and diners at 3am. i love crowds. i love wearing boy clothes, i love floating underwater and holding my breath, but most of all, i love everything around me that puts a smile on my face, which i must say, is a lot of things, so i stop here.