Vaughan Oliver is in my opinion one of the most remarkable graphic designers to have emerged from Britain in the Last two decades. As a young designer he was given the ulimate break of landing Ivo Watts-Russell as a client, who was the founder of the 4AD record label. This was ideal for Oliver as he was devoted to independent and unsigned rock music.Working in house with Ivo, Oliver produced the stunning sleeves and posters that were used in all the Pixies releases. This individual style and keen eye for new and interesting designs has made Oliver a living legend in the design world. Unlike David Carson who mainly works with typography, Oliver mixes photography and imagery to create stunning montages, each piece of his work is like a signature as it is so individual and recognisable instantly as his. A great example of his work is the 'Monkey gone to heaven' c.d cover that he did for the Pixies, probably one of my favourite c.d covers.
He is curently working in London and runs his own studio who still work mainly producing music based design. He is a great influence on my work as a designer and I urge more people to check out his work.

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