• I was holding my boyfriends cat, and I dropped her. She broke a bunch of bones and was meowing in my arms sadly. I could feel her broken ribs through her fur. I was trying to find a veterinarian for her. I went to Forest Grove, and was trying to find someone to look at her, but all of the vets I found put me through riddles and looked similar to the Cheshire cat. When I put the cat down, she would try to crawl away, and I kept yelling at her to lie still. I guess I was moaning in my sleep, because my boyfriend woke me up.
  • I went back to sleep, and dreamed that I was driving somewhere through some hills, and kept driving past graveyards with odd letters and symbols on the tombstones. I stopped at a stucco church with bright paint on it in a patchwork pattern. It was a Foursquare Church. I walked into the courtyard, and people were going into a little store before going into the church for the service. I went into the store, and people were all buying beer and cigarettes to take into church with them. I started coughing from the cigarette smoke, and walked outside. There were a bunch of 8-11 year old kids outside smoking. I walked away from the church and into the graveyard. The alarm woke me up just then.
Two dreams...

  1. I had managed to actually get a car cooling fan I bought a month ago installed in the rear window of my car, and it worked great
  2. I was working as a part-time secretary for two people: one was a lawyer (played by Colm Meaney), and the other was a Public Relations consultant (played by some attractive woman - I think she was actually a furry skunk). The lawyer was always trying to jump my bones, and used standard sexual harrassment tactics in order to do so. The PR consultant was always trying to jump my bones too (she was a lesbian) but I was actually fond of her, and she wasn't being forceful (the lawyer was). So, she and I worked out some elaborate schemes to get some evidence that he was sexually harrasing me, all of which failed because of bad timing or whatnot.

    I ended up getting a lot of sex in that dream.

My first dream was nothing big itself, but the second dream I had last night left me questioning the contents of my unconscious mind. Was I delirious?

I was in school, on a field trip.We were going to a large factory, and because I had such bad creditibility had this one factory, they made sure that nearly all areas were off limits to me. The field trip was a hands-on experience in the workplace. And for some reason, I was only in the 6th or 7th grade.Other students were allowed to work assembly lines and do "fun things", but me? I had to remain in that one room we showed up in. I didn't want to do anything against the place, even if they had done me wrong by not trusting me. I was to hold the door open for people bringing in hospital stretchers, usually in a hurry. Once everyone left, my classmates returned and I watched them play soccer in this large room that I was in charge of. Someone kicked the ball and it smashed the window. My boss came into the room and began yelling at me. ME! I tried to persuade her and let others persuade her that this wasn't my fault, but I was crazy if I thought she would believe me. Which she didn't. And my self-esteem was crushed into oblivion.

I had a second dream about a boy. I wasn't in any way involved in this dream (weird third person dream? I rarely have these). He was in danger. I saw him riding his bike in a dark alley in the middle of the night, trying to get away from someone bad who would abuse him. He had a strong influence on me. I knew he was important for a reason. And on his handle bars was this invisible partner, who I think I played the part of here and there. He made his way down the alley until he reached a point where I saw two middle-aged people sitting with all their belongings (home furnishings, food, a bathroom, plenty more). I looked at them closer, but never close enough, and I could tell that they were my grandparents. The boy continued telling them about his invisible partner, and how he must escape before they come after him, as his partner was in great danger, and for him to be caught, would be to slip away the details of his partner's whereabouts. He took off on his bike again, and this is when I became the silent partner. He was talking to me about how I had really screwed up his destiny, and that he would never be able to trust in me again. This made me feel like the monster within me had really became visible. In fact, the entire thing was beginning to remind me of Harry Potter. As we made our way back to my grandparents in the alley, they showed up a vehicle we could take with us to escape rather than riding this bicycle. I woke up for a brief instant, caught a glimpse of my bedroom, then fell back asleep again. The vehicle they gave us was modeled to look like my bedroom. I was cleaning the deposits of the floor and throwing things out that could rid us of weight that we didn't need. I guess because we would cross some line that would require a specific weight of a vehicle, and we didn't want to be conspicuous. I tossed out tampons and at least 40 cans of Pepsi. My grandfather looked at me (I guess I was now the boy, rather than the partner), and said, "You don't like Pepsi?" I became angry, and took off. Then awoke. For good.

I dreamt that I was at the Wiz and I went to the stereo section and started messing around with the stereos. I was turning them up very loud and screwing with the controls and making a racket. Then one of the employees of the Wiz came over and told me that I was disturbing other customers and would I mind leaving the stereos alone. I told him he could fuck himself with a seven inch screwdriver. Then he said he was going to get his manager.

The manager came out. He was a chubby man who looked very angry. He said to me, "Hey kid, were you fucking with the stereos in my store?" I said "I just wanted to see what kinds of stuff the stereos could do." He told me he would be right back. Then I was going to run away but out of the corner of my eye I saw the manager yelling at the employee who had bothered me earlier. The manager came back and said, "We're very sorry, sir. Some of our ex-employees don't know how to treat customers properly. The stereos are fun, and I like to dick around with them too! I always wanted to fire that asshole, thanks for giving me an excuse." Or I remember it was something like that.

The manager was very cool about the whole thing. Then, as he was about to walk away, he said "Oh, one more thing." Then he pulled off his mask and it was The Wiz himself! He winked at me and gave me thumbs up. That was pretty much the end of that dream.

Later, I had a dream where I was smoking weed and then I got hit by a car.

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