I dreamt that I was at the Wiz and I went to the stereo section and started messing around with the stereos. I was turning them up very loud and screwing with the controls and making a racket. Then one of the employees of the Wiz came over and told me that I was disturbing other customers and would I mind leaving the stereos alone. I told him he could fuck himself with a seven inch screwdriver. Then he said he was going to get his manager.

The manager came out. He was a chubby man who looked very angry. He said to me, "Hey kid, were you fucking with the stereos in my store?" I said "I just wanted to see what kinds of stuff the stereos could do." He told me he would be right back. Then I was going to run away but out of the corner of my eye I saw the manager yelling at the employee who had bothered me earlier. The manager came back and said, "We're very sorry, sir. Some of our ex-employees don't know how to treat customers properly. The stereos are fun, and I like to dick around with them too! I always wanted to fire that asshole, thanks for giving me an excuse." Or I remember it was something like that.

The manager was very cool about the whole thing. Then, as he was about to walk away, he said "Oh, one more thing." Then he pulled off his mask and it was The Wiz himself! He winked at me and gave me thumbs up. That was pretty much the end of that dream.

Later, I had a dream where I was smoking weed and then I got hit by a car.