I find that if the Pepsi Challenge is anything, it's flawed. You are asked to taste 2 seperate mystery colas, and upon identifying the better tasting one is supposedly Pepsi, you receive a free can of Pepsi. This has biased scribbled crudely over every inch of it.

The thing that gets me about this wonderful taste test that Pepsi has so generously allowed us to participate in, (I mean apart from the fact that its conducted by one of the parties involved in the consumer test) is that Pepsi advertises in it's commercial that more people just love Pepsi, so the rest must be crazy, or just plain dumb.

And who's going to argue results like that? Certainly not the public, at least if Pepsi's guerilla marketing is going to work. Maybe if an unbiased third party conducted a real taste test that didn't bribe people with Pepsi to attain certain results, we would have factual information about which Cola really is more popular.

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