Two dreams...

  1. I had managed to actually get a car cooling fan I bought a month ago installed in the rear window of my car, and it worked great
  2. I was working as a part-time secretary for two people: one was a lawyer (played by Colm Meaney), and the other was a Public Relations consultant (played by some attractive woman - I think she was actually a furry skunk). The lawyer was always trying to jump my bones, and used standard sexual harrassment tactics in order to do so. The PR consultant was always trying to jump my bones too (she was a lesbian) but I was actually fond of her, and she wasn't being forceful (the lawyer was). So, she and I worked out some elaborate schemes to get some evidence that he was sexually harrasing me, all of which failed because of bad timing or whatnot.

    I ended up getting a lot of sex in that dream.