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I remember two dream sequences from last night...

In one, I was a reporter or a photographer who worked for a magazine. I was in some tropical country (that still had quite Western architecture) that was controlled by some not-that-nice political group.

Anyway, they were having some Europeans as hostages, and I was there to see them, but of course, they didn't let me to photograph them. They were keeping the hostages in a tent that had been put up on a parking lot of a big building. I circled around the tent (don't know if I entered it), and had my camera so that the lens sticked out a bit from inside my coat.

I was slightly scared. I had a portable TV/radio receiver; in the TV news, there were news from this particular country that some reporters had already been deported because they had been photographing there.

I went around the tent, scared even more when I saw two soldiers who were guarding the tent. They paid no attention to me.

Here, I took the film from my camera and started de-spooling the film (In broad daylight? What the hell?) Someone was reading the Hacker Manifesto on radio.

In another dream sequence, I was skiing in Kuhmo. (Something I remember with horror from my school years there =) I skied forward as fast as I could, I had to get away from there. I was hoping the cold forest would hide me from infrared cameras. Someone sent my father skiing after me, I knew getting away would be hopeless in that case...

next dream

I'm not sure if this was one dream or two:

I had a puppy. I'm not sure how I got it, but I do remember it was sweet and happy, and a small breed of dog. I was at home, giving him food, when I remembered that I hadn't fed him for about 2 days. Which made me hurry up with the feeding. He was very happy, but didn't touch the food, and I remembered that I hadn't gone down with him for 2 days either. And when I told him we're going down, he was very excited and started jumping up and down. I put him on a leash, and felt really bad about the fact that not only did I keep him waiting, but I'm also tying him up. I looked around, and smelled around, but apparently he was house trained (which he shouldn't have been). I felt so shitty. On one hand I wanted to give him back, feeling not responsible enough to take care of him. On the other hand, well I'm not so sure. I was quite full of self-hate then.

So I'm not sure if this is the same dream or a different one, but the puppy has transformed into a little boy. I am still the one taking care of him. He tells me he wants to eat mud. I tell him no, and we go down to the park. He plays around a bit, and then sits infront of a sprinkler, which gets his shirt all wet. I ask him what he's doing, and he says "I'm going to eat mud." So I explain at length why it's bad. Then his mother, an African woman, comes into the picture. I think she might be living with me (not romantically, just in the same house.) I don't think she does much else in the dream. I forget the little boy's name. (I'm supposed to be his 'adopted father' or something like that, and I don't remember his name.) His real father, wearing a red shirt, also comes into the picture. He tells me the child's name. I don't remember what his original name is, but now it is "Cosi" - which means "things" in Italian. (Actually it's "cose" in Italian).

I had an extraordinarily busy day at work yesterday and as a result couldn't get the idea of work out of my mind for much of the evening.

I found myself drifting off whilst eating my dinner and watching TV and had to check myself as my eyes misted over and started to stare into the middle distance as thoughts about work (which in the cold light of day seem very unimportant) seemed to occupy my mind and cause an involuntary frown and grinding of teeth.

Even as I lay down in bed I couldn't help thinking of flat-plans, negotiations, paperwork, phone-calls, copy deadlines and other such workshit that I'd normally leave at the door the moment I stepped out of the office.

Unsurprisingly, the moment I fell asleep I dreamt about work and primarily about the work that I know find myself doing (well, not right now obviously). During the dream, although it suffered from the usual dream things (people changing roles, locations changing, slightly obscure people cropping up) I basically endured a whole days work in my sleep, inclusive of an argument with a client that I am BOUND to have today.

I know feel that I am starting my 3rd consecutive day of work since leaving last night.

Do you think I'll qualify for overtime?

In this dream, I participated in many activities that I remember dreaming about doing, but I can prove I never did. These activities never occured, below is proof.

Activity #1: I woke up at 2:36AM and my SO was on top of me, straddling me and smiling.
Negation #1: My SO is out of the country for 10 months.

Activity #2: I woke up once again(4:00AM), this time, I had the phone and was talking to my friend.
Negation #2: In my dream, I was talking on my black phone. I never would have been using that phone at 4:00AM, considering there is a phone next to my bed and one before the stairs. Also, getting that phone would have awoken my brother.

These are the only ones I remember at the moment, but as they come back to me, I'll update.
My stepsister was on the phone upstairs with her mother. I didn't know this, and picked up the phone. They pulled me into the conversation, and the long and the short of it was that my stepsister invited my stepmother over (which was fine by me). They were both quite happy and excited about the visit.

I put the phone down and looked over to my mother, who had just sat down after cleaning the house. She looked very tired and frazzled. (In reality, my mother died when I was in high school, about 20 years ago, and the woman who played my stepmother in the dream was not my real stepmother, but a smaller, more likeable woman.) I told her that the step was on her way over. My mother said, "I wish she wouldn't because I really need to rest."

What was amazing about this was her tone and the quality of her voice. It was the first time she had talked to me as one adult to another.

Ok, my first dream log entry. Where to begin...

I was standing in front of my high school's Young Artists And Writers Club assking people to join me in a May Day rget together. We were going to march into the Riverdale Commons singing the Internationale, plant a red flag on top of one of the gazebos where I would give a short speech. We would then settle down and have a picnic lunch.

Well then the dream cuts to May Day and me and several dozen of us were marching to the gazzebo singing Internationale. I then climb to the top of the structure and plant a red flag, after doing this I cry "We are here to remember the workers who fought so that we may enjoy the privlages we take for granted! We can not forget this or we will once again find ourselves under the heel of big business!" The crowd cheered and they started firing up the grills. Then something bad happened.

A group of students who apparently didn't like the idea of a May Day party started throwing rocks at me and my friends below me in the gazzebo.One rock struck me on the back of the head and I feel off the gazzebo roof.The rioters tried to remove the red flag and replace it with the Confederate Stars and Bars.More and more people began swarming around the gazzebo and trying to knock down the rioters, who were drawing knives and threatening the crowd. What had started out as a peaceful May Day party had collapsed and had turned to a violent riot where 3 kids were killed.

I then woke up.

Whenever I am very stressed out, or just have a lot on my mind (good or otherwise) I tend to dream about whatever I have been thinking about.

In my short time as part of the noding community, I have now had two dreams about E2.

The first dream was last week sometime. It has mostly faded now, but the general idea was that at the end of every scene in my dream, there was a list of soft links that I could choose from that would take me to other pieces of my dream. It actually looked like a box with underlined words ... but of course, this seemed completely normal. It was pretty cool -- kind of like those Choose Your Own Adventure books I read as a kid.

Last night, again, my dream revolved around E2. It was crystal clear this morning ... but a little fuzzy now. The basic idea was that the noders of E2 were a united community, and the rival community was www.everything.com. It had sort of a Spaghetti-Western theme to it, where we were all cowboys and we had to bring in the Big Boys, the meanest of the bunch (the E2 gods?) to calm things down.

I really need to get out more.
Reading Sunday comics in the paper with a friend. There's one, extra long section in the comics today, and it happens to be an explanation of just about everything I don't know about Dragonball Z, nicely formatted into manga form. I marvel at now nice Vegita gets.

Flash out to space. I'm in a giant space palace, and (I think Goku) is in another spaceship trying to do something, then dock with the ship. There are people with me, including my mother and some other lady I don't know. Goku is fretting about some invaluable resource called coral that he's not sure he'll have enough of. I guess coral is some kind of spaceship fuel. I think he ends up having enough, but I'm not quite sure, because at that moment, the scene changes to my house. The woman and my mother are still there.

There's been a huge fruit growing on our yucca cactus out in the front yard. It looks like kind of a stubby pineapple. We cut it off and take it inside to eat. We have a mango there, too. We cut them both open. For some reason, I'm convinced that the pineapple-ish fruit from the yucca is a durian, but I know now that that was entirely silly. It looked nothing like a durian. Anyway, everyone else was afraid to try the yucca-fruit (durian has a bit of a bad rap), but I tried it. Something about two pieces available for me to try, one French and one Italian. I tried the French one. It was sweet. I liked it.


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