Ok, my first dream log entry. Where to begin...

I was standing in front of my high school's Young Artists And Writers Club assking people to join me in a May Day rget together. We were going to march into the Riverdale Commons singing the Internationale, plant a red flag on top of one of the gazebos where I would give a short speech. We would then settle down and have a picnic lunch.

Well then the dream cuts to May Day and me and several dozen of us were marching to the gazzebo singing Internationale. I then climb to the top of the structure and plant a red flag, after doing this I cry "We are here to remember the workers who fought so that we may enjoy the privlages we take for granted! We can not forget this or we will once again find ourselves under the heel of big business!" The crowd cheered and they started firing up the grills. Then something bad happened.

A group of students who apparently didn't like the idea of a May Day party started throwing rocks at me and my friends below me in the gazzebo.One rock struck me on the back of the head and I feel off the gazzebo roof.The rioters tried to remove the red flag and replace it with the Confederate Stars and Bars.More and more people began swarming around the gazzebo and trying to knock down the rioters, who were drawing knives and threatening the crowd. What had started out as a peaceful May Day party had collapsed and had turned to a violent riot where 3 kids were killed.

I then woke up.