Reading Sunday comics in the paper with a friend. There's one, extra long section in the comics today, and it happens to be an explanation of just about everything I don't know about Dragonball Z, nicely formatted into manga form. I marvel at now nice Vegita gets.

Flash out to space. I'm in a giant space palace, and (I think Goku) is in another spaceship trying to do something, then dock with the ship. There are people with me, including my mother and some other lady I don't know. Goku is fretting about some invaluable resource called coral that he's not sure he'll have enough of. I guess coral is some kind of spaceship fuel. I think he ends up having enough, but I'm not quite sure, because at that moment, the scene changes to my house. The woman and my mother are still there.

There's been a huge fruit growing on our yucca cactus out in the front yard. It looks like kind of a stubby pineapple. We cut it off and take it inside to eat. We have a mango there, too. We cut them both open. For some reason, I'm convinced that the pineapple-ish fruit from the yucca is a durian, but I know now that that was entirely silly. It looked nothing like a durian. Anyway, everyone else was afraid to try the yucca-fruit (durian has a bit of a bad rap), but I tried it. Something about two pieces available for me to try, one French and one Italian. I tried the French one. It was sweet. I liked it.