I had an extraordinarily busy day at work yesterday and as a result couldn't get the idea of work out of my mind for much of the evening.

I found myself drifting off whilst eating my dinner and watching TV and had to check myself as my eyes misted over and started to stare into the middle distance as thoughts about work (which in the cold light of day seem very unimportant) seemed to occupy my mind and cause an involuntary frown and grinding of teeth.

Even as I lay down in bed I couldn't help thinking of flat-plans, negotiations, paperwork, phone-calls, copy deadlines and other such workshit that I'd normally leave at the door the moment I stepped out of the office.

Unsurprisingly, the moment I fell asleep I dreamt about work and primarily about the work that I know find myself doing (well, not right now obviously). During the dream, although it suffered from the usual dream things (people changing roles, locations changing, slightly obscure people cropping up) I basically endured a whole days work in my sleep, inclusive of an argument with a client that I am BOUND to have today.

I know feel that I am starting my 3rd consecutive day of work since leaving last night.

Do you think I'll qualify for overtime?