This dream was about coffee (thanks, knifegirl! no, I'm not mad about it, it was an interesting dream . . . [this reference is from a chatterbox conversation earlier in which knifegirl mentioned coffee in some way that ended up sticking in my mind. yuck]) and cream soda, except this cream soda looked like the orange of those orange and cream ice cream bars.

My cousin tells me that a bottle of cream soda (as above) has three times the calcium (caffeine?) value of a cup of coffee. After that, I constantly am reminded of a house I supposedly live in, except it's a combination of a whole bunch of houses I've lived in in the past 10 years. There are two parts to the basement; one is always dark and is full of tools and other old stuff, and everytime I'm in there I imagine giant spiders about to bite me (each spider roughly the size of a 17" monitor for the body), though they never do, and there are two entrances: one through a window to the outside (and this was used frequently as a regular entrance), and the other was a door to a bedroom that also had two other exits; the other basement room (for some reason, the bedroom wasn't associated with the basement) was more like a hallway with some stuff on each side (washer/dryer, etc.). For some reason, there's never enough room for me to sleep in the bedroom (apparently both my sisters and a whole bunch of my friends sleep there), so I always have to wait for someone else to finish sleeping so I can sleep there. There's a set of stairs leading up from this room, but I never seem to go up them. Late in the evening, I go out the basement window and head toward an old and broken down house. I find a couple more of my friends there; they seem to be engaged in some rituals that I can't figure out. I walk around a wall that's still standing and discover a large group of people there who seem to be associated with a church I've been attending recently. They don't pay much attention to me, so I go back around the wall. My friends have uncovered a stairway leading down, and there is light coming from it. It seems to be related to my house (as above) somehow, but I can't figure it out . . . Someone comes up and tells me that I have to go get my Boy Scout hat since I didn't pick it up at the meeting (meeting?). I go to the building and walk inside (it is now very late, perhaps 11pm). I can walk all the way around the room where my Boy Scout hat is, but I can't get inside because the Air Force (?) has locked it. For some reason, I know that my mom is inside, and then she lets me in. I grab my hat (a burret of sorts) and something that is attached to it. Suddenly a bunch of small (computer-mouse sized) spiders come running from a dark corner toward me, all in a straight line. I have a staff (quarterstaff?) in my hand, and I put one end on the ground where the spiders will run into it. The spiders run into the staff and split in two pieces which fall into two separate piles. As the spider-halves fall onto the piles, they become bottles of cream soda (and I am reminded that cream soda is better than coffee, as above). Then I go back home. For some reason, I think that it's now near 7am, and I am very sleepy. I go into the bedroom and wait for someone to wake up, so I can sleep there (no idea why I don't try to sleep on the floor). Finally someone wakes up, and I get to sleep for a while. When I wake up, someone is asking me if I was really out all night, and I am confirming that rumor. I go outside and see everyone that I saw at the old and broken down house last night, except now they are outside a large mansion packing up vehicles to leave . . .

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  • My parents' house was filled with sleeping dogs. My job was to wake the good ones before the buzzer woke the bad ones. I opened the screen door and yelled RUN! I held it open as long as I could but then I had to run, over the driveway across the woodpile under the fence through the woods, racing to the end of the maze. I'd done it before so I knew where to go, and I knew the trick of shuffling the pieces of land around. At the end was Home Depot. I went in and it was a temple. I said Hello? queitly and my echo boomed all around in the dark. I saw a pair of sandals and put them on, thinking they had some ritual significance, but then I noticed there were heaps of muddy sandals all over the place. Where the hell is Buddha?

There were four women (I was one of them, in a dreamy type way) who were also rabbits. It was like their super power. They looked normal until they turned, well, rabbity. So anyway, we rabbit women, were being held captive by a group of fratboys in a house out in the country. Reminescent of the path by hamsty's house, but darker. So, there we were. A couple of us were raped, but somehow we were able to escape. I think with the help of the frathouse den mother. We crawled out this window/door thing and made it into the large garage, which was "safe" for some illogical reason. But, this garage was filled with people from #everything. I remeber seeing booyaa and nutate and hugging masukomi. She felt really fragile and I thought she was going to break when I hugged her, but she didn't. That's all I really remember. Strange...

I had a strange dream set in a post apocolyptic Mad Max style world. A co-worker of mine and I were some of the few people left in a dank, rainy, and very grey world. He had a sniper rifle for some reason, and we took turn shooting ambiguous ratlike creatures for food. We stumbled upon a few other people who we took under our collective wing, and then we heard that so-and-so the bad mf and his gang were coming and that we should clear out.

They left me behind to delay them (without the rifle oddly enough). As it turns out so-and-so turned out to be Vincent D'Nofrio in his character from the upcoming movie The Cell. I convinced the gang that I wanted to join them, and Vince gave me a test. He wanted me to convince this woman that was on her way that I was him. If I could he would let me live. If not, no more mcSey.

The woman shows up, and oddly she was no one I've ever seen before in real life. She's this girl next door style cute as a button redhead. I tried to intimidate her, and it first it worked. She got wise real fast though, but she also figured out that I was the co-leader of the group her friends were with. She played it cool. So we start to travel with Vince and his gang with me still acting the leader. Then just as we met up with my co-worker and the rest of his ppl, I woke up.

I think I got a B movie here. Somebody get me Bruce Campbell's number.

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