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I remember two dream sequences from last night...

In one, I was a reporter or a photographer who worked for a magazine. I was in some tropical country (that still had quite Western architecture) that was controlled by some not-that-nice political group.

Anyway, they were having some Europeans as hostages, and I was there to see them, but of course, they didn't let me to photograph them. They were keeping the hostages in a tent that had been put up on a parking lot of a big building. I circled around the tent (don't know if I entered it), and had my camera so that the lens sticked out a bit from inside my coat.

I was slightly scared. I had a portable TV/radio receiver; in the TV news, there were news from this particular country that some reporters had already been deported because they had been photographing there.

I went around the tent, scared even more when I saw two soldiers who were guarding the tent. They paid no attention to me.

Here, I took the film from my camera and started de-spooling the film (In broad daylight? What the hell?) Someone was reading the Hacker Manifesto on radio.

In another dream sequence, I was skiing in Kuhmo. (Something I remember with horror from my school years there =) I skied forward as fast as I could, I had to get away from there. I was hoping the cold forest would hide me from infrared cameras. Someone sent my father skiing after me, I knew getting away would be hopeless in that case...