Whenever I am very stressed out, or just have a lot on my mind (good or otherwise) I tend to dream about whatever I have been thinking about.

In my short time as part of the noding community, I have now had two dreams about E2.

The first dream was last week sometime. It has mostly faded now, but the general idea was that at the end of every scene in my dream, there was a list of soft links that I could choose from that would take me to other pieces of my dream. It actually looked like a box with underlined words ... but of course, this seemed completely normal. It was pretty cool -- kind of like those Choose Your Own Adventure books I read as a kid.

Last night, again, my dream revolved around E2. It was crystal clear this morning ... but a little fuzzy now. The basic idea was that the noders of E2 were a united community, and the rival community was www.everything.com. It had sort of a Spaghetti-Western theme to it, where we were all cowboys and we had to bring in the Big Boys, the meanest of the bunch (the E2 gods?) to calm things down.

I really need to get out more.