next dream

I'm not sure if this was one dream or two:

I had a puppy. I'm not sure how I got it, but I do remember it was sweet and happy, and a small breed of dog. I was at home, giving him food, when I remembered that I hadn't fed him for about 2 days. Which made me hurry up with the feeding. He was very happy, but didn't touch the food, and I remembered that I hadn't gone down with him for 2 days either. And when I told him we're going down, he was very excited and started jumping up and down. I put him on a leash, and felt really bad about the fact that not only did I keep him waiting, but I'm also tying him up. I looked around, and smelled around, but apparently he was house trained (which he shouldn't have been). I felt so shitty. On one hand I wanted to give him back, feeling not responsible enough to take care of him. On the other hand, well I'm not so sure. I was quite full of self-hate then.

So I'm not sure if this is the same dream or a different one, but the puppy has transformed into a little boy. I am still the one taking care of him. He tells me he wants to eat mud. I tell him no, and we go down to the park. He plays around a bit, and then sits infront of a sprinkler, which gets his shirt all wet. I ask him what he's doing, and he says "I'm going to eat mud." So I explain at length why it's bad. Then his mother, an African woman, comes into the picture. I think she might be living with me (not romantically, just in the same house.) I don't think she does much else in the dream. I forget the little boy's name. (I'm supposed to be his 'adopted father' or something like that, and I don't remember his name.) His real father, wearing a red shirt, also comes into the picture. He tells me the child's name. I don't remember what his original name is, but now it is "Cosi" - which means "things" in Italian. (Actually it's "cose" in Italian).