Last night I was a super hero in training.

Grouped with 4 others, we had been together for 3-4 weeks. We all had special powers, which I have no recollection of, and the attempt to forge us into a group was failing. The major part of the dream was a sequence in which I was in a large multi-level toy store, being chased by our nemesis.

The Nemesis was missing a hand, but he had replaced it with a butane torch. Whenever he passed people he would burn them. Not a nice person. He also dressed in late 60's Disco wear

I know I was afraid but the fact he was dressed as a large browny coloured Grover (yes the Sesame Street guy), lead me into the false assumption I could get away.

Meanwhile (as in all dreams) I had left the group because I felt that we where failing to work as a group/team effectively. When the all came to my rescue, dressed the same uniforms, and armed with a tonne of non-lethal weaponry, I discovered that *I* had been the one who had failed the team, and in the week I hadn't been there, they had pulled together and now worked happily.

After a fantastic display of teamwork and only minor structural damage to the store, I found that they had come back to help me, but alas, I would never fully intergrate into the fuctioning unit, and would forever be on the outside of the group, a lone wolf.

I fear there is way to much X-men Vs. Mystery Men in my dreams!