Me and what appears to be a group of professional mountain hikers (whom I do not know at all) are escalating a mountain. We're on a vertical slope and we're nearing the edge trying to slide our humongous packs upwards. I notice suddenly that someone is moving towards me. I can't make out the details of exactly who this person is or their gender, but it feels like my brother. The feeling even, is vague. We're nearing the edge of the mountain and I'm not sure what to expect at the top. I'm about to give up from exhaustion and the packs I carry are beginning to feel heavier. Someone from above, an old man, helps me carry my pack and I finally see the edge of the mountain. There's light, but it's light from the moon. Once we're on top of the edge, we seem to have arrived at a platform surrounded by a ruined city. There are a lot of people dressed in furs in this city and they have big giant barrels with fire inside to warm them. They are also sheltered by huge metallic fans that seem to be rusted and unoperable. As I look further, I notice that there are many of these fans that protrude from the ground and more of these fur-coated people around these giant fans.

Suddenly, I am in another place. country place where I used to live. I just woke up and I feel really hungry. I go down the stairs to the kitchen and my mom's cooking something, but the kitchen is from somewhere else. This is not the same kitchen that my country place had. It looks like a kitchen from a TV show and it's coloured in white and cyan. My mom brings me soup or something in a bowl. I don't remember the details of what she brings me, but it's one thing. The image of that thing flickers between two other things. A giant plastic transparent cylindrical bottle of bird seeds (with sunflower seeds so detailed I can taste the graininess in my mouth) labelled "Bird Lure", then the other image is a soup bowl with all sorts of bird seeds or maybe they're just seeds, floating in milk. I don't recall eating any of the seeds, but I can taste them, especially the sunflower seeds.


  • The plaid cushions were mixed up with the blue cushions so we moved the couches to fit the pillows.I phoned my neighbor and told her what I really thought against my will. About how it would have been so much simpler to move the cushions instead I had been polite and let her have her way. I woke up in the dream to call and ask if I had REALLY called.
  • Helping at a party. I took apart the lamp and made it an artichoke salad.
  • When no one was looking Angela turned into a mouse and scampered under the door to steal bow ties.
  • There were ashtrays for the smoking section in the cupboard; blue, some were red with white stripes these were the hidden ones of hand prints I had made Mom. On the back was tiny little hieroglyphics about how much I loved her because she would never let my words mean what I wanted them to.
  • Blackberries were packed in evils; this made perfect sense.

  • Sean Connery was all over me like white on rice. We sipped wine and I wished for more privacy.
  • The wind moved like a ripple between the clouds under the broken summer moon. I was a wisp of smoke peeking through the keyhole suddenly purpled yellow; a spinnaker was I sailing brightly under an obscure moon lighting an ambiguous universe.
  • Watching water sliding as an Olympic sport on TV complete with display of score, run length, etc. along the bottom of the screen and wondering what this world has come to. It was all very similar to bobsledding or the luge.

    This one is kinda weird. I told my roommate about this dream right before I left for work, and he got all wierded out and said that he had the same dream and that we should never talk about it again. Like I said Weird.

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