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At one point, I was watching my sister playing a new DooM game. The new game was actually fairly surprising because it wasn't as violent as its predecessors. It had two other characters that helped the hero (one wearing magician's robes). The game looked like something that was made by iD software and some demo group togheter.

The cutscenes between levels included surprising amount of talking. The game save menu was interesting, too: The list of the games was a vertical spiral made of the letters that hanged from the top of the screen and spun around when choosing another slot. (Hard to explain with words...)

So, my sister ended up to a bonus level before getting to the next level. This was like something out of Metal Gear Solid's VR training missions (at least the floor looked the same). My sister's character needed to take a special item, a huge spring, hold it before him, and run against the "wall" (there were no walls) to make him fly backwards. If done correctly, this earned him a metal collector (thing that grabs all metal from surroundings) and a vacuum cleaner (for taking guns from enemies and such).

In another fragment, I was waiting for spaghetti to boil. I wrote poetry for some reasons (competition or something)... The idea was to place different candies in a vertical row, and each of them represented one line. In the end, I placed a couple of rows that were from Macbeth. After those, I included attribution of some sort ("...as Shakespeare had put it"), and then a candy shaped like the Enter key. (There actually are candies shaped like that, I guess the market exists...)

Now, the spaghetti. It was already boiling, but I noticed I had chosen a WAY too big pot to cook it in. It was huge. I tried to pour the cooking water out - about one quarter of the spaghetti went down the drain with that (hard to pour stuff carefully out of a big pot and with no sieve or anything to get the spaghetti into). I wished I had had something easier to cook at the time...

Interpretive thing: I had just read about the development status of Max Payne the previous day... Remedy Entertainment is a game company with a demoscene background. =) Also, my sister had a Mickey Mouse game for SNES that had a vacuum cleaner...

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I was watching a movie on DVD. It was brand new, and had received a huge amount of hype on the net.
The film was from a mainstream American director (I think it was Steven Spielberg). But instead of the normal bland and safe Hollywood entertainment, the film was very disturbing and unusual.
I can't remember the exact course of events in the movie, but it was incredibly fast-paced, intense and scary. Lots of flashy cuts and dark blue colors.
However, I wasn't convinced at all. I stopped watching the film before it was over, and rushed over to www.rottentomatoes.com (??) to write a negative review online.

It was a hot day. On my way to work, I decided to visit the cafe at the city library, in order to buy some doughnuts.

Dreams don’t materialise very often for me, but this morning was one of those times when I just drift in and out of sleep for a few hours. I had quite a few dreams but there is only one that I can remember.

In reality I have this strange habit of throwing myself out the back of aircraft, the scene of this dream was in a rather small aircraft on the way to a suitable altitude for me to perform my bad habit at. The aircraft had just taken off and was flying above a motorway when the pilot said “I can’t do it”. We all sat in silence for a few minutes.

Eventually the planes wing hit a lamppost and the aircraft was thrown out of control bouncing along the ground quite violently. It hit a bump in the road and lifted off the ground only to be cut in half very quickly by I’m not quite sure what. I was in the rear of the aircraft with some other people, we watched as the front half bounced off the ground and eventually exploded. We then hit the ground and started to slow down, but contrary to the laws of physics we suddenly bounced into the air and started to speed up. This is when I woke up.

Dreams underfoot and the Bishop in the crushed red velvet was shrinking quickly on the waxen hard wooden floor. Embarrassed he went around to hide behind the matching stage curtain hoping to blend in. Even though he was smaller I could tell by the creaks in his treads that he still weighed the same.

Irreversibly driving the dusty road placing a go order for my husband. Forever it seemed to make pork chops, applesauce with gravy and potatoes. Three untrustworthy men with white teeth in blue cotton overalls befriended me. Gullibly sliding into the inside corner of the plastic booth all the while their heads fluently yammered on at me about their big dream. We're gonna be mil-yun-airs! To buy this restaurant. Lost with no idea it was perfectly clear to never explain anything unnoticed, my self crossed and recrossed from above to discover the secret name of the restaurant. Just outside the consertina wired prison it sat lonely covered with spinning stars on midnight blue paint and golden arches They had political reasons and good ones to build a drive through. Yes, brilliant and political, how perfectly successful.
I've been having a string of reality-based dreams recently.

This one consisted solely of my girlfriend and I lying in my backyard on a warm summer's day, with our eyes closed, listening to a portable stereo nearby playing Rabbit In The Moon's remix of Floorida (Lunasol's Sub-Aqua Mix).

Very specific, very possible, and very relaxing.

I'm at prom, with my old ex-girlfriend (the one who crushed my self-confidence and will power), her name is Sarah.
Not only is this bizarre, because she won't even return my phone calls, and she has a new boy toy to crush, but we are actually having a great time together, like the good old days, when everything was good in my life. (Sarcasm)
I wake up with an immense feeling of euphoria, like "It's all OK, because Sarah and are getting back together after Prom went so well."
Ever get that crushing feeling when you've just woken up? The feeling you get when you realize you've left "dream world" and it's back to reality?

It hit me hard.

I think this is some kind of suport to my notion that spring makes me want a girlfriend, because I've been contently miserable and alone all winter, and as soon as spring rolls around, I'm ready to get crushed and rejected all over again.
Just because the deer and bunnies are at it, I figure I should too.
"But what of the children?"

"Well, perhaps they'll find their way through the streets and the grime, and perhaps when they stare at the broken world that has been left to them, they will see man's great folly. They will see the ruin of what he has aspired to be. They will find food to eat, yes. They will find warm places to sleep, yes. And they will find each other to love. And in the eyes they stare into at night there will be no weakness, but spirit fused with the temperment of steel. There will be nights of sleeping on broken glass. There will be women giving birth onto heaps of scrap metal. But man will take on the characteristics of the glass, and the characteristics of the metal. And so it will be, until man rests again."

"But what of the children?"

"Leave them."

"You're mad," she said, and ran back into the flames, clutching her infant close to her chest.

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