I am in a forest, the northwest, towering trees. I am going for a run. I come to a scarred place, trees newly down and torn.

I look along up into the hills and there are men and machines. They are building the start of a road coming down the mountain. Huge earth moving machines.

I turn the opposite direction along the downed trees. I run, going easily from huge stump to stump to downed tree. It occurs to me that it is dangerous, but I am not at all afraid. I am fit and strong and it is easy.

I run into an area where there is still slash but there are boards cut as well, which seems odd. Then more boards. I stop and realize that the ground is moving. I am not on the ground. I have run on to an enormous container ship that is carrying boards slowly but accelerating, out of a swampy part of the forest. Rainforest now. I know that the water is around 50 degrees. I go up on the ship, searching for people. There are only two men, who are surprised to see me but cheerful. I explain that I was running and ran onto the ship by mistake. They are not angry. In fact, one says, "I'll circle back," and brings the container ship in a massive circle through the forest. I give each man a quick thank you hug and kiss and shimmy down a ship hawser to land back in the forest as he slows. I wave as the massive container accelerates away.

I am wondering how much fuel it cost to circle back and hoping they won't get into trouble.

I wake up.

BQ 286

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