Quorn is a village in Leicestershire, England situated on the old A6 road between Loughborough and Leicester. Its most famous exports are the Quorn Hunt, and Rosemary Conley. Lying close to the River Soar, floods are not uncommon. Its location is N52:44:32 W1:09:59 (WGS84)

The village has a busy center with pubs and restaurants, and it also plays host to Rawlins Community College - the major school for GCSE and A-level students from the surrounding villages, and even some from the correct side of Loughborough.

The Great Central Steam Railway runs through the outskirts of the village, and stops at Quorn station.


The signs on entry to the village read:


Although its official name was traditionally Quorndon, the village was commonly referred to as Quorn - even to the extent that Quorn Hall never used the longer name.

Problems arose as postal services became more widely used, and mail for the Derbyshire village of Quarndon would become mixed with that for Quorndon. Two solutions were suggested: firstly to add Loughborough to the mailing address, being the nearest large town, but the second - to change the name to Quorn - was submitted to the postmaster general in 1889 by local businesses. The change was approved - and the original name is now only included on the sign as a mark of heritage.

Down Under

The village has a namesake in the outback of South Australia, which bears more than a passing resemblance to its British cousin, even including a steam railway trust - the Pichi Richi Railway.

The capitol of the Flinders Ranges area, the township has early 1900s sandstone architecture, and various products and services available, such as churches, schools, shopping, Internet Café and so on.

Thanks to StrawberryFrog for making me aware of the Australian version.