An insanely large chemical company in England, whose full name is Imperial Chemicals Industries. Last year, they made roughly £6.1bn in revenue, which at current rates is around $9.378bn. Which, needless to say, is a metric fuckload of money.

ICI was formed in 1926 in a merger between the four largest chemical companies in Britain: Brunner, Mond; Nobel Industries; British Dyestuffs; and United Alkali. Brunner made fertilizers and soda ash, Nobel explosives, British Dyestuffs dyes and United Alkali soda ash.

ICI seem willing to cane the environment at any cost. Their plant at Runcorn, which electrolyses brine, uses 1% of all Britain's electricity. I repeat, 1%. That's enough for roughly 270,000 people. ICI's subsidiary companies are the real heavy hitters though-ICI has dumped naphthalene in the Parana River, Argentina and phthalates in Homebush Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Both of these chemicals like to accumulate in places and poison things, making this a major bad thing.

The company has since scaled back the heavy industry portions of its operations, and is focusing on its burgeoning Dulux paint company and the various companies they acquired off of Unilever. This should reduce their negative impacts upon the environment, which while not as bad as they could be are still pretty damn bad. See also General Electric.

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