Fungus that is being and has been genetically altered for years now by scientists working for the DEA and other related U.S. departments with the intent of destroying coca and poppy crops. The altered fungus would be released on said crops where it would kill them, and spread naturally to other coca and poppy crops to eradicate them also. The fungus would then rest dormant in the soil for years where it could be active again if more plants were planted.

The U.S. government claims it is safe because it's "natural" and will only target the coca and poppy plants. Scientific studies say otherwise - fusarium oxysporum has been shown to cause illness in humans, and even death. Fusarium oxysporum is also highly adaptive, as with any fungus. Which means, that over time it would evolve to feed on other plants and crops - such as wheat and rice, or any other major world crops, it has no limit.

Once again, the U.S. government has proved its ignorance. Attempting to end the use of what they consider illegal drugs and dictating to the people what they can and cannot put into their bodies - as if they were children. The U.S. has bullied other nations such as Peru and Colombia over and over again to use herbicides like this "for the sake of the children in America". Infecting people from other nations with the risk of death to "protect" people in America from victimless crimes, how thoughtful.

Attempting to change nature and unsettle the balance of plants and animals will prove fatal. Ecosystems were designed at the beginning that would function along side each other, evolution occours but what right do we have to alter the face of the planet?

We are choosing our own evolution, so should our desired evolution not be concerned with co-existing once again with others?

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