"Eu" is a prefix used in biology. The prefix "Eu", coming from the Greek word for "good", is used in many different fields, but it has a special meaning in biology.

"Eu" is translated many ways, although its basic translation is given literally, as "good". However, that may be a bit misleading in biology, and a more accurate translation might be "correct", "legitimate" or (my preference) "complete". A eukaryote is a "complete kernel", a "eutherian" is a "complete mammal" and a "eumetazoa" is a "complete animal".

While the difference might seem slight, I think it is important to note this because the word "good" has connotations of morality that have little meaning in biology. In other words, no one should feel that because a kangaroo is not a eutherian that it is somehow morally compromised.

Eu (?). [Gr. well, orig. neut. of good; prob. connected with Skr. su, from the same root as E. is; or with Skr. vasu good, prob. fr. the same root as E. was.]

A prefix used frequently in composition, signifying well, good, advantageous; -- the opposite of dys-.


© Webster 1913.

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