One of the problems of being a strict vegetarian is what to eat. Even if you have the time and inclination to prepare meals from actual ingredients, vegetables just don't cut it in many pop meals. Chilli con broccoli? I don't think so. If you prefer your meals straight from the microwave, then the vegetarian convenience food section of your local store is just one long shelf of pasta. And believe it or not, many vegetarians just don't like vegetables that much. Go figure.

That's why Quorn rocks. Derived from an edible fungus, Quorn can be processed to have the same texture as many different meats, including chicken, ham and beef. Add a little flavouring and hey presto, instant meat substitute. It's also available in minced and chunk form, as well as in a bewildering array of burgers, grills, sausages and other pre-prepared meals.

If the reason you became a vegetarian was because you don't like the feel of burnt flesh in your mouth or think eating meat is just plain wrong, then Quorn obviously won't appeal and you're better off with lentils. If, on the other hand, you just object to inhumane farming practices and have nothing against meat-eating per se, then it's a great way of getting some variety and protein into your diet with a minimum of effort.