Small suburban community on Long Island, NY with a population of about 25,000. The Village of Floral Park is located in Nassau County (split between the towns of Hempstead and North Hempstead) while a smaller adjacent area is in the borough of Queens. ZIP code 11001. ~3.7 square miles.

Notable things about Floral Park:

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Floral Park contains some interesting people. There are many computer-savvy people but a geek population of close to zero. Ethnic makeup is mostly white, with a large Indian population in the north and west. Most working residents commute to New York City. It has its own police department, volunteer fire department, sanitation department, and mayor who has run unopposed for the past three decades.

This is where the Long Island and Queens accents clash but refuse to merge. Where Bellerose is looked down on as New Jersey is by all New Yorkers, and those from New Hyde Park are hated more than North Parkers are by their enemies from the South. Where streets are named after trees, poets, and numbers, and you're either a resident of the ghetto or a Long Island yuppie depending on who you talk to. Where you reside in a "Great Place to Live," and your town's best asset is its proximity to NYC. Where anyone east of Garden City lives in the country and you have a gas station named after an international trade agreement. This is Floral Park. This is my home. Help!